Valkyria Chronicles 4 - Unlocking Members of Squad E

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hey everyone so we're gonna be looking

at how to unlock some of the squad

members that you might have missed I'm

only gonna go through a handful as the

other ones you should have unlocked as

you play through the story so we'll

start with Eileen who is actually very

easy to unlock it's just that her unlock

condition does require Curtis who is

someone I never use the process is

pretty easy all you have to do is bring

Curtis into battle and have them get

down then after completing the battle

Eileen will join swathi


a suitable title zone suceava Saguna


sodomy Gautama Katya Christa Syria Quran

oho so okay Tori kudasai meenatchi


Yatta Yatta Yatta Racine acaba so Chi 3

carotenoid Madonna Eddie embroideries

Anita madama Yas gonna die Smith


next we have Gertrude who is also very

easy to unlock but if you're focusing on

progression you probably won't see her

for a while she requires you to have 1

million DCT and then she'll join squad e

yazhini Bhumika to OHANA sister Gauri