UNDER 90 MINUTES, Fastest Way to Unlock Characters in Smash Ultimate - Works on 2.0+

What's going on boys and girls what's up we're all to Austin John plays here and

today I'm gonna be going over the proven fastest way to unlock every single

character in Super Smash Brothers ultimate including one that you're going

to achieve in about 90 minutes

first of all there is a lot of not complete information going around the

internet right now as far as how to unlock characters and what criteria is

actually required for them to unlock it Super Smash Brothers ultimate this is

what I do really well in figuring these things out there are essentially five

different ways you can unlock characters via three different means so the first

way is you're going to go into world of light you're going to go through and

you're gonna unlock characters in a very very slow method it's a one player game

when you unlock characters in the spirits menu and world of light it's

going to lock them in Smash as well as classic mode to complete world of light

and unlock every single character you're going to be playing for approximately

twenty to sixty hours that has to do with how well you do in the game and

battling and how much you need to grind and also if you're using a guide on what

characters Tom Locke by the way tomorrow I have a video coming out a complete

world of light walkthrough how to unlock every character with only world of light

you could also go into classic mode classic mode is essentially you going on

this giant board and you choosing whatever character you're going to be

playing as you go through sort of a arcade style the same way that it was in

Super Smash Brothers 64 when you start up the game you only have access to the

eight characters from smash 64 being Mario Donkey Kong Lynx Samus Yoshi Kirby

foxy Pikachu let me explain the classic unlock order so if you play as Mario

once you complete classic mode regardless of the difficulty level you

have a chance he'll knock sonic and then as Mario or Sonic you have a chance

once you complete classic mode telemark bayonetta and then as Mario Sonic or

Bayonetta you can unlock Little Mac as enter those

four you can unlock Mike as any of those five you can unlock Luigi as any of

those six you can unlock Roy as any of those seven you can unlock doctor Mario

after those seven you can lock Alomar that's it and then you go the Donkey

Kong round you get Bowser and then Donkey Kong or Bowser you get pokémon

trainer etc I'm gonna have a big infographic on my face right now kind of

showing you exactly how all that lays out so there's a specific character that

you are looking for you can kind of fit the fastest way to achieve them now when

you play through classic mode regardless of how long it takes if in theory you

beat it in 2 minutes or 20 minutes you're still going to guaranteed get a

challenge to battle a character meaning that if you play through his Mario on a

difficulty of 1.0 and you complete it in three minutes in theory you're going to

get that encounter with Sonic there is no cooldown for that and then if you go

through again you can do it in three minutes you get to unlock Bayonetta etc

etc so on and so forth which is the second fastest way to

unlock characters now the additional three methods are going to be distance

based this is gonna be a little confusing so I'm gonna break it down

real slow in a battle whether it's classic mode world of light in the

actual battles not in the overworld or in smash battles the distance that your

character moves is going to be logged you actually can't see that information

I wasn't able to find it in the vault under records if you go to stats there's

nothing that says distance damage obtain gold smash yeah nothing that actually

marks and sees your distance but that's how characters are actually unlocked so

if you played through classic a bunch of times and you're unlocking characters

regularly you're building up your distance if you're playing through a

world of lighting you're unlocking characters there you're also building up

your distance if you're doing smash battles you're also building up your

distance say for example your threshold of distance is 100 meters this is

complete example 100 meters and you get a chance to battle a character when you

leave world of light you're going to encounter that character and then you're

gonna battle you might unlock them if you unlock them that's great it does not

count toward world of light it only counts towards smash if you play in

classic mode and you're beating a whole bunch of characters and then you're

building up your distance to 300 meters and then you go into smash after your

first battle you're gonna have that 100 meter threshold and you're gonna have a

character battle then you have to wait ten minutes of in-game battling to go

and do your second battle again third bow so on and so forth or

you just go into smash and throughout various battles that you do with friends

or by yourself you're gonna be building up your distance meter by the way more

people does not equal more distance it only tracks one players distance that's

how that works so more players does not mean that you

will knock characters faster there's a 10 minute cooldown however there is a

way to spoof the system here and I'm gonna be going over that with you this

distance base which I've proven and I'm gonna be explaining by the way IGN got

this wrong kind of feels nice to say that I'm not gonna hate on them for it

it's very preliminary information you are going to go into smash and you're

gonna set up a stock battle stock of one time limit of 20 make sure that smash

metres off spirits are off cpu doesn't matter you can have a second player you

do need a second character for this go down to advanced and make sure that

stage morph is off stage hazards are off and go to items turn items off you don't

want to accidentally explode then you're gonna go into a match with a second

player the second player is gonna stand off to the side I recommend at a

battlefield or an omega stage the second player goes off to the side and then

you're just gonna run back and forth and you're gonna do it for 20 minutes or 19

minutes and 30 seconds and then in the last 30 seconds you're gonna knock out

the second player knock them out don't have them run off doing that means

that it just loved all 19 and a half minutes of you running around I tested

this with battling a level 1 CPU for 20 minutes with focusing on running and I

was able to unlock 4 characters however I tested this without doing any damage

other than that one ko which was just one hit I was able to go from 12

characters unlocked I was able to go up to 39 characters unlocked by just

running doing literally nothing else now once you unlock Sonic and if you get a

bunny hood you can probably go to big blue and then just run on the track and

get more distance up that way not too sure if that's faster or not but all you

need to do is run back and forth then your distance made I remember the

hypothetical checkpoints I was target at is going to be so overfilled that every

ten minutes you're going to be able to in count

a character you can actually beat that system once you unlock a character make

sure you're back on the stage selection screen you're gonna hit the home button

you're gonna close out of the software you're gonna reload the software then

you're gonna go into a battle and you're going to do a stock match of one stock

no time limit doesn't matter if the if you have a second player or not soon as

the match starts jump off the stage do a do it self-destruct and then will win or

lose you're going to encounter another fighter because that distance meter is

so overfilled that every time that you log back into the game it bypasses that

10 minute check then you're going to be able to unlock another one and another

one and another one and another one and another one so on and so forth after

doing my hitting in an opponent and then also my just running method I was able

to unlock these 39 characters by the way there's an order in which these

characters unlock I'm going to talk about that in a minute and I've only

played for one hour and four minutes that's actual battling time if we cut

out the first experiment that didn't go that well and then we only use that

second experiment I'm at 39 minus four minus eight I've unlocked 27 characters

in 44 minutes we double that to 88 minutes and we double the 27 that puts

us at 54 characters unlocked plus the first eight that's 62 so yeah 88 minutes

let's round that out to within 90 minutes you're going to unlock every

single character you may think doing the 20 minutes of running back and forth is

really grueling that's fine if you play a little world of light and then you go

into this method it's gonna be even better if you do some classic mode and

then do this method it's gonna be even better no matter what you are going to

do better than these baseline results if you're having fun if you're focused on

just unlocking everything at the very beginning do this method within

guaranteed ninety minutes of playtime you are going unlock every single

character in the game now the order in which these characters is unlocked as

opposed to classic mode which as I mentioned before is a direct list of

everything there is an exact order in which all of these characters on lock

which is Ness Selda Bowser Pitt inkling villager Marth young link we've

trainer ice climbers captain falcon peach ryu hike Jigglypuff king K rool

sonic Simon zero suit samus little MEC Isabelle shulk lucena Wario ridley

pokémon trainer Lucario Daisy Roy King Dedede Rob falco luigi Pichu Richter or

reichter I don't know I say his name diddy kong Meta Knight snake ganondorf

Corinne or Corinne Mennonite Bayonetta Toon Link Rosalina and luma and sinner

roar Sheik Alomar pac-man Dark Samus wolf mr. Game & Watch Robin dark pit

cloud Duck Hunt Ken greninja crumb or chrome I don't know say his name Mewtwo

Bowser jr. dr. Mario and lastly pollen Tina if there's a specific character you

want to go for you have three different ways to unlock them one I'm gonna be

having a screen up right now which is going to be my world of light guide

which I'm gonna be releasing tomorrow if you see your character is under number I

think 42 I don't have the image up in front of me then you're gonna be able to

unlock it within the first let's say five maybe eight hours of world alight

if it's number one through twelve then your gun locking in the first two hours

yourself via classic mode further the character is to the right to the longer

it's gonna take to unlock the closer it is to the left the clickers can be

unlocked via the distance smash method toward the bottom of the list once you

hit the bottom of the list is going to take upwards of that 90 minute in game

time for it to unlock now the last note here if you get defeated by a challenger

in the distance matches so you go you do the battle during one of them for

example Ridley Ridley beat me that means that Ridley is now put to the bottom of

the list the more characters you unlock the more difficult the fights get your

first match against Nessie is gonna be a pushover it's gonna take you two seconds

Zelda no time at all Bowser's so on and so forth once you start getting halfway

down this list it's gonna be rough but nevertheless doing this method you're

gonna unlock every single character within 90 minutes of in-game time that's

it done it's all distance-based the more running you do in the game the

better off you are and that's that so guys I hope this video was informative

or helpful if it was be sure to leave a like down below if you're new to the

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until next time Austin John out