Street Fighters V| Unlock All The Characters For FREE!!

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hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome

to this tutorial so today I will be

showing you how to unlock the characters

in Street Fighter V ok as you can see

here all these characters are locked so

I need to buy it if I go and choose a

character and click on it it's like

going to show me screen where it's going

to ask me for money as you can see here

like 100,000 or I don't know so where

can I find this money and how can i

unlock the characters so let's go back

here to the first menu and as you can

see ok as you can see here this story if

you go in you will find general story

which is like it's locked and character

story so you will go in character and

click on the character as you can see

here I'm always done with 25 percent

from real character so what do you like

when you play another story

ok let's skip and then just go directly

to the story as you can see here on the

right on the top on the right I have 3k

money this called fight money ok let's

skip the story then so now I have to

fight and after you want to fight you

will earn money ok


so you have liked to win this fight and