Star Wars Battlefront - ALL UNLOCKS | Emotes, Customization's, Weapons, & Star Cards

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what's up YouTube Sharma neck soft here

coming at you guys with a brand new

video now today is November 12 2015 and

we are playing Star Wars Battlefront

that's because if you're an EA access

member on Xbox one then you get 5 days

of early access just for being a member

so we're going to go ahead and actually

show you some of the collectibles and

unlocks that they have right here I just

want to take you guys through that so

when you guys go ahead and get the game

here to about 5 days you know what

you're actually looking into now you can

see there's 24 star cards right now 11

different weapons and there's a hundred

and 52 appearance customization items

that's crazy

alright let's start out with right over

here right you can see you have the

rebel the Imperial and the e mode so

let's go down the rebel on real fast

just look at the character on the right

I was going to kind of skirt thrown real

fast you can see that you can go ahead

and customize a lot of different phases

and whatnot like that and there's even

actual character races that you can

unlock as you can see they do have a

credit requirement and sometimes they