Spelunky - How To Unlock The HUTT!

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hi everyone and welcome to the new

spelunky update everyone is talking

everyone's twittering about this new

Slough damsel but forget that guy I'm

gonna teach you how to unlock the new

super secret dams first off you're gonna

be clicking the male version of the

damsel here probably about 40 times

I'm just keep clicking keep clicking I

don't think there's an exact number keep

doing that and then you're going to

switch over to the female damsel I

suggest turning your sound down

otherwise you over you live with is

going to think you're a bit weird

because of the sounds and then you're

going to do it to the dock and then

they're going to they're going to think

you're even weirder now wait for the dog

to turn into a sloth and then you're

gonna go through the languages and then