10 Tips and Tricks Soulcalibur 6 Doesn’t Tell You


fans of burning Souls big swords and

announcers with deep voices welcoming

you back to the stage of history rejoice

Soul Calibur is back and Soul Calibur 6

is one of the best games the series is

seen in a long long time but where do

you start which of the 20 playable

characters do you use what mode should

you play first are there any new

mechanics you should be aware of now

should you try to learn the characters

this is the stuff the game doesn't

always tell you bart's don't worry

whether you're a Soul Calibur Legend a

lapsed fan returning to continue your

story or taking your place on the stage

of history we've got you covered

heads to training mode got a character

you think you might like good head to

training mode yeah I know I know it's

way more fun to just go straight into

things and start whacking people with

whatever weapon your character has but

you've got to know what you're doing

first that means getting acquainted with

your characters moveset what their

critical edge does how their sole charge

works the basic button inputs for your

core combos and attacks etc you don't

have to spend a lot of time in training

mode maybe only a few minutes but by the

time you leave you should know how to do

a few attacks throw your opponent

activate your soul charge and know when

to use it and how and when to use your

critical edge oh and you should like

your character too if you find that you

don't like the character you initially

picked go and pick another one and head

back here do that until you find someone

you like play labor of soul first after

you've got a character you like and a

general idea of what they can do you

should head into Libra of soul the first

of Soul Calibur 6 is new story modes

there's a few reasons for this first to

Libra soul houses the game's tutorial do

that as soon as possible because it'll

teach you almost everything you need to

know about playing Soul Calibur 6 it

will also allow you to play with the

character creator and choose the style

you wanted your created character to

have 4 bonus points use the style a

corresponds to the character you decided

you liked in training mode you see

there's a method to this madness

you're cooking with gas now Libra is a

great way to explore the world of Soul

Calibur get a feel for your character

learn to fight and make some money while

you're at it trust me you're going to

spend a lot of time here

check out Soul Chronicle once you've

spent some time in lever of soul meeting

the core cast getting a feel for the

world getting rich and buying new

weapons you'll probably want to learn

more about these characters you keep

running into well that's where sole

Chronicle comes in see this mode runs

you through Soul Calibur 6 is primary

slot which follows Killick and the other

characters stories so it's a good way to

practice any character you think might

be interesting and get a feel for the

game's story when you need to take a

break from Lieber of soul the character

creator is insane maybe you love your

custom character maybe you don't maybe

you're somewhere in between maybe you

don't even understand the appeal of

custom characters at all maybe it's what

you absolutely love regardless of where

you fall on any of these questions

you're gonna want to play with Soul

Calibur Six's character creator you can

do some pretty insane things with it

want to recreate a character from your

favorite movie you can do it wants to

create some weird axe wielding demon

piece of cake what about a lizard man

easy as pie

what about some sort of circus clown

wielding nunchucks won't even break a

sweat even if you have no interest in

really exploring what Soul Calibur 6 is

character creator can do I encourage you

to check it out it's that good and who

knows it might just be engaging enough

to change your mind

convert your gold into soul points Soul

Calibur 6 has two currencies and don't

worry neither of them cost real money

the first one gold is earned in liebherr

of soul and spent buying things like new

weapons food and other upgrades for your

character the second one is soul points

or SP you get SP by converting gold into

it though the exchange rate is terrible

5000 gold gets you a hundred SP but

thankfully gold is really really easy to

come by

why then would you ever use SP well gold


but it can only be used in Libra of

souls SP on the other hand applies to

the entire game you'll spend most of it

in the game's Museum mode which is

packed with all sorts of cool stuff to

unlock including stuff from every

previous Soul Calibur game you know you

want some of that loot so don't forget

to convert that SP use your reversal

edge does Soul Calibur 6 tell you how to

use reversal edge yes does it tell you

how important it is not by a longshot

reversal edge works as both a counter

and an attack and using it right can

flip the game on its head you've got to

learn when to use it how to counter it

and what combos to follow up a

successful one with the game will teach

you the basics but it's up to you to put

in the work to make sure you're using

this new addition if you aren't you're

not playing your character to their full

potential Master your basic moves in

combos Soul Calibur 6 is training mode

will tell you all kinds of basic stuff

but one tab explaining your character's

moves describes your main techniques it

might seem like these are just the

basics but these moves are core parts of

your characters arsenal and each

characters are set this unique to them

learning these moves and what they do

will help you immensely in combat so if

a move or combo is listed under that tab

take notes

learn what it does and you're one step

closer to victory

learn to use guard impact guard impacts

might seem like a difficult technique

for more advanced players and it's easy

to be fooled into thinking you don't

need it to win it's easy to look at it

and say yeah I'll learn that later and

then just never do it but don't do that

learn about guard impacts as soon as you

can Soul Calibur 6 has simplified the

input from past titles so you only have

one to worry about and being able to

call out a predictable attack with a

well-timed parry and a follow-up combo

is huge

no matter what character you play

spend your meter wisely meter management

in Soul Calibur isn't as important to

say Street Fighter but it matters quite

a bit problem is it's often difficult to

determine what the best way to spend

your meter is all the right time to do


your options are twofold critical edges

are special techniques that take an

entire bar of meter and deal huge damage

if they hit while sole charge requires

less meter and powers up your character

the nature of that powerup varies from

characters a character but it unlocks

combo parts and techniques that wouldn't

otherwise be available knowing when to

use these techniques how to combo into

your critical edge when to use it when

to trade the guaranteed damage from a

critical edge for the higher potential

damage a soul charge is something the

game isn't going to teach you how you've

got to work through that yourself drop

by the museum given how much content

Soulcalibur 6 has it be really easy to

completely forget about the game's

museum mode but that would be a mistake

not only does museum mode have a ton of

cool content to look at character

profiles concept art the stuff you can

buy with SP it also features a series of

write-ups that'll teach you how to play

each character whether you're a novice

someone who's been playing for a while

or an expert from which moves to use to

the overall style of play that character

prefers they've got it all it's a great

addition to an already superb mode and

you should check it out no matter what

character you play and that wraps it up

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