Soul Calibur 5 - Unlocking ALGOL Tutorial - Gameplay

hey everyone I'm going to be showing you

how to get I'll go in so color the five

so what you can do is you're going to

offline play our code you need to be

level what seventeen unlocking extra

mode this and your whatever difficulty

you like I'm going on easy

it's easy huh I need to start

have to be keel it for this

bikini alleged you have to do arcade

with standard or Asia looking for then

at the end you face algal and you defeat

him and when you defeat and you unlock

you as a playable character

so basically you defeat

and do extra on

so if I show you some gameplay of algo

it's a really good character on my


to the stage of history

Icecrown beginner kazan

there's easier

it is actually quite hard as well

everyone is on an easily so

I'm teaching

kids fight battle



I'll take that back yes

stay tuned


hopefully the weapons like when he

hasn't slugs up home

where's fight love is 40s is like


laughs right

hey when from easing too hard

we're in buddy

you're not

don't finally Jesus

the battle with three white

you are not

get away what chief say no aside

thank you very much i sat by the way


that phone

you are not

commercial yeah

the truth

it's got a really good rage attack which

I'll show you now


so annoying up

how much how residual


oh there we go that's like very much

ya know we got

this is a feather hope you liked this

video thanks for watching guys you want