Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: How to Unlock Every Character (Fastest Method)

when starting Super Smash Brothers

ultimate you'll find that unlike

previous iterations only the original 8

characters are unlocked and you can also

create me fighters as for the rest of

Ultimates roster you'll need to unlock

though if you want to play as the other

new and returning characters and there

are many ways to do this each spider can

be unlocked in at least three different

ways by finding their captive spirit and

world of light but completing around in

classic mode or by playing smash matches

which include all modes that pits you

against the CPU or human opponent

excluding training so how do you unlock

characters the fastest the answer can be

a bit complicated here's what we know

the world of light is by far the slowest

method of unlocking characters as

ultimate story mode can last upwards of

20 to 30 hours with some unlockable

fighters I didn't write the finale

unlocking characters by playing versus

games is much faster it's still fairly

tricky it's not based on time played Kos

or even damage taken or dealt you also

can't unlock fighters just by standing

still in a match in fact if you only run

around or only jump you still won't find

new challengers it seems like ultimate

actually tracks your button inputs and

checks to see if you're actually playing

which is why standing still or just

pressing one button won't do the trick

by pressing multiple buttons or just

button mashing to unlock a challenger in

the span of a two minute match if you're

pressing enough funds this also means

that the more people who play with you

the more activity will be registered and

the more challengers will be lined up to

fight make it the fastest method if you

have a bunch of friends however there

seems to usually be a 5 to 10 minute

cooldown before another challenger will

appear but you can reset this timer by

simply closing the game and loading it

up again do a quick one stock match drop

off the edge to trigger weight and

challenger note this will only work you

have enough activity stored to have more

fighters waiting to challenge you if

nobody appears you'll know you need to

play more matches first the final method

of unlocking characters comes from

classic mode each fighter has their own

unique setup team battles and at the end

of every classic mode you'll get a new

challenger that's separate from the list

of versus mode challengers for example

be classic mode with Mario and he'll get

to unlock Sonic but if you play as link

you'll find Kinkaid rule waiting for you

instead if you're playing solo the best

strategy may involve quickly breezing

through classic

zero intensity to complete the mode in a

few minutes while racking up button

inputs that you can then use Tillamook a

challenger by playing a quick one stock

smash match to unlock a different

fighter note that classic mode unlocks

are not affected by the cooldown on the

first mode on local characters you'll

always face selector completed classic

mode regardless of how fast you play or

continues used for specific info where

to find fighters in the world of light

and the order characters unlock in both

vs mode and classic mode be sure to

check out our wiki guide and for

everything else on smash brothers stick

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