How To Unlock Characters in Oh... Sir! The Insult Simulator (Plus Tips & Tricks)

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hello everybody it's that ginger kitten

welcome to Oh sir the insult simulator I

this isn't gonna be a regular let's play

because I've actually been playing this

quite a while and I'm pretty decent at

the game by now and most of the comedy

for my let's play series tends to be me

not knowing what I'm doing or just doing

things badly so what I'm going to do is

I'm going to quickly explain some of the

things that I was looking for when I

first found the game that I couldn't

find on a cursory Google search so I

figured I'd make a little video about it

the first being how to unlock characters

now to do that you have to select insult

your CPU and go to a tournament now

you'll see here I have gisha

father serious Sam low Wang and Nigel H

all unlocked and the way you do that is

you'll start out with the three base

characters and you'll play them through

the tournament and once they complete

the tournament usually each one will

unlock one new character father is a

little bit tricky I'm not a hundred

percent sure what exactly triggers the

unlock but basically if you just keep

playing through the tournament as every

character that you've unlocked that