How to unlock 11 free skins in Mortal kombat X

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hey guys what's up so today I'm going to

be showing you how to unlock some

tournament skins and some revenant skins

so for a revenant I'm gonna show you how

to unlock the revenant Jax and the

revenant sub-zero then I'm going to be

showing you how to unlock the tournament

scorpion the tournament Jack the

tournament Kung Lao the tournament

Liu Kang and the tournament quan chi so

yeah I'm gonna be also showing you guys

how to unlock this quiet Liang sub-zero

skin so yeah anyways let's get started

so to unlock the quite Leon you're gonna

go to towers and you're gonna click the

classic towers the classic Tower and

then after that you're going to do all

the challenges all the way up to the top

with only sub-zero you can't skip a

match but it could be on any difficulty

and yeah that's how you get the quietly

young sub-zero skin and now how to get

the cold war scorpion skin you're gonna

go all the way to the menu you're gonna

press triangle at that PlayStation Store

and let it load for a second

so as you guys can see is taking very

long I'm gonna try to restart it okay

I'll just tell you what to do so you

want to press triangle you should be at