Unlock Everything in Mortal Kombat 9

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it's going on YouTube here I am with

Mortal Kombat 9 for the PlayStation 3

running off of my modded PlayStation 3

so it's running off of multi man I'm

just beat the game the game is based on

chapters each chapter is basically a one

character each so you play as 16

characters so there's 16 chapters each

chapter so each character you fight

about four to five times and then based

on how you do I guess it's like two to

three rounds so it's a pretty long game

it's somewhat easy only character which

gave me a problem was um Shang soon

which you fight in the middle and then

you fight towards the end the only way I

found to beat him is just keeping your

distance definitely do not get close to

him don't let him get close to you yeah

or he will destroy you the other

everybody else was fairly easy I use the

same you know get close to them and just

punch punch punch punch or you know

other things but um other than that is

fairly easy so I'm going to post a link

down below on how to unlock everyone

basically when you beat the game you

unlock two characters um

Quan Chi and cyber Sub Zero you obtain

them at the end when you unlock when you