Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide Part 2 - How to Manipulate the RNG Loot Store to Your Advantage!

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what's up guys it's technologic

twenty-three coming to you today with

another entry in my Mass Effect 3

multiplayer new player / beginner guide

where I'm helping out some of you new

players who are coming into the Mass

Effect 3 universe and trying out to

co-op multiplayer I now the first video

we kind of just did a general breakdown

of the different features in the game

this is actually going to cover

something that we did in depth there

which is going to be the store which I

showed you guys you go to store to buy

packs to get equipment now one thing

about the store here in Mass Effect it

is an RNG loot store basically that

means random number generator if you

guys have played any other games that

have that kind of feature any time you

buy a pack from the store it's gonna

randomly give you you know different

items in that pack based on the level of

pack you purchase it will depend on the

rarity there's altra rare there's rare

there's a little common and there's just

kind of normal regular items now a great

spot I mentioned this in the first video

is the in7 headquarters where you can

kind of check out your multiplayer stats