Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite - How to UNLOCK all Character Variations / Skins

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what is going on everyone just wanted to

make a quick video because I've seen

some people commenting on my Marvel vs.

Capcom infinite skins video about asking

how to unlock the third and fourth skin

or color variation for the characters in

the game and now I know a lot of you are

complaining about the lack of variety

among the skins but that is not what

we're here to discuss today if you want

to discuss that there's a whole bunch of

people commenting on the other video

about the different types of skins or

maybe the effort that was put into them

so you can go join that if you want I've

put the link to the video in the

description below check that one out you

can also see all the skins that are in

the game if you are interested just

because I will not be going over them in

this video but to be honest there are a

few of really cool ones that I do enjoy

that are locked behind the third and

fourth skin for each character

now when you do load the game only the

first and second are unlocked I do

believe for each character if you want

anything else then you have to unlock

them for example if you want pink Ultron

or if you want Red Hulk which i think is