How to unlock Marvel VS Capcom 3 characters: Akuma

hey there guys and girls you're back

with a one-and-only my name is Rob here

from video games blogger calm and

welcome to Marvel vs. Capcom 3 this has

been years and years and years in the


and now I'm gonna show you guys how to

go on and unlock all the secret

characters we're gonna start up and in

this video we're gonna cover a Coomer

who's gonna be the first that you'll

unlock to unlock Akuma you're gonna need

yourself a pile of play up orange PBS

yep you're gonna get those by finishing

off various different going you can do

training you could go in you could maybe

do a bit of practice a bit of vs. but

let's face it the points aren't really

cooking it's gonna take forever

so I've got a way for you guys to get

everybody in about 45 minutes okay it's

quick it's easy it gets to the point

look what you need to do is throw up in

arcade mode stick it on very easy yeah

simple as and then go on over pick

through your favorite characters I've

got zero I'll cut that pork

why cuz he's awesome and of course the

ante because he rocks even more now I

mean character choice isn't really

important guys but just go for it if

you're not doing too well you could put

it on simple and then just hammer away

at every button in existence you will

make it through now once you've done

that you're gonna unlock yourself about

3,000 points every time you do this and

3,000 is gonna stick you in good stead

but I'm knocking at kuma check that

moonwalk that's got style now of course

when it comes up to Galactus you guys

are going to need to stay out of his way

even I'm very easy he can kick your bus

with the occasional super move the big

stomp and pound so don't get too cheeky

but to be fair laying into him as

quickly as possible is gonna be your

best bet just go with everything you've

got a little bit of that yeah okay you

can have quite a bit but that's okay you

know we know we've got what two people

left and go and zero gets involved

another super move oh please the drain

is much problem getting stuck in a big

squish ouch

that's zero out the game okay but

anyways way like I say stick it on very

easy and he's pretty

not gonna be a case of having to worry

too much you'll definitely make it

through unless of course you're shooting

at the ground always making sure to

avoid those mega blasts because they can

basically like finish you off you hit

you with in things like twice and hey

presto your characters gone oh there we


stay another way of that one huh luckily

and again coming out the big supers

hopefully to do as much damage as

possible ouches Deadpool out the game as

well don't worry I saved an save for

last cuz he can kick Buster with style

of course so I'm gonna get stuck into

him and finish him up once we finished

him up you'll receive our points I'll

show you guys the moment where you're

unlucky as you noticed earlier when I

went into the character select no it's

whomever and he's gonna end up like top

left of the screen when we go in we're

gonna unlock a bunch of goodies as well

now if you guys are interlocking this

really is although for some of you it

may not be as entertaining you know the

most entertaining way of going around

things it is definitely going to get you

everything really quickly and then of

course you can start playing your game

with whoever you want as quickly as you

want so there we go

got ourselves a little trophy for that

as well dum dee-dum

alrighty now just gonna wait for the


okay here it comes wait check it out

Ghost Rider I mean come on

awesome stuff although not a playable

character I wish yeah you know nice to

see him making an appearance Oh variety

hurry up or share the lovely people at

home how to unlock their favorite

characters I've got a bunch more to

unlock as well people and I'd use the

exact same method definitely just stick

it on two very easy I mean it takes what

I think the quickest I did it in was 13

minutes and 26 seconds how's that for

first I mean you do that four times in a

row and hey presto you've got everybody

and you're getting like 3,000 points I

say around 3,000 points because I got

3056 and then sometimes you got like

2984 all depends on you know what you do

the moves you're pulling off it was

stuff like that and you know just go

through maybe use it as a bit of a

practice as well you know take that time

to maybe practice a few of your favorite

moves get used to different characters

try different setups that you wouldn't

in a normal game situation maybe or if

you're playing on hard very hard for

those of you out there who were rather

skilled and if we go to them got loads

of points all is good okay

quickly quickly let's get to the good

stuff because we're gonna run like a

bunch of stuff now and here we go

okay new title has been unlocked a new

movie has been unlocked new model the

new character character ending that's

not the one we want either no not new

artwork not new terms here we go a new

character is now available and there we

go 2584 points who see sometimes we get

the big ones sometimes you get it you

know it all depends on who you're

playing with how aggressive you are but

round about there and off we go

tick tock waiting for the clock and

there he is there's all the koomer now

I'm gonna show you guys a little bit of

footage including mr. Coomer in the

lineup of course you know because that's

the way we like to do things show you a

bit of him in action quickly let's just

you know have a look at there he is over

there and we'll skip into a bit of a

game here I'm not going to

through the whole setup process buzzer

no just show you some of his moves and

him in action of course guys we'll have

a little look here you guys can get to

it yourselves

I'd go grab a controller and get to work

you wanna unlock them all because you

can unlock taskmaster of course his

sinker and the Sentinel guys they're all

absolutely beastly characters fantastic

stuff I'll see you guys in the next

video until then people look after

yourselves have fun and as always game