Lego Marvel Superheroes - Cheat Codes!!!!!

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while everybody let go dude 11 here and

today's and a Lego Marvel Avengers video

for you enable to be all cheat codes so

um today is a little bit of a different

thing so I went to a different save on

my account

around my account so as you can see we

have 10% out of 3 here and I started to

save a while back and I'm not gonna

follow Agent Coulson for a specific

reason because we're gonna go down pull

this lever and go down in the

Helicarrier and we are gonna go

welcome to the helicarrier's command

center pretty cool huh

you can replay missions by selecting the

central console yep we can but for now

we're going to go over this way and you

can use Captain America while these are

the two characters we have so we're

gonna go over here and go into

Deadpool's room look at that there's

Deadpool's room and we're gonna get hey

buddy you ever heard of a little thing

called knocking

oh wait wait you're here about my

awesome Deadpool red bricks huh okay

make yourself at home

yep so we're gonna access some cheat

codes today if you want to there are