Mario Tennis Aces - How to Unlock The SECRET CHARACTERS!

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what's good all guys screwing with

rediff guys today coming at you with

some more mario tennis aces of videos

for guys on my friends today I'm gonna

be showing you guys how to unlock the

three secret characters that you guys

see in the roster at the bottom there

it's actually very simple you guys may

have already seen it but maybe you don't

fully understand it so if you haven't

seen it I'm gonna be telling you guys

about it and if you have seen it I'm

gonna be clarifying it and explaining it

in case you guys don't completely

understand how that kind of works so we

go down to the first question mark it's

very simple it says get this character

early by participating in the July 2018

online tournament I'll go to the next

one it's the same thing except for the

August 2018 online tournament the next

one same thing except for September 2018

online tournaments so we know that this

character is actually Koopa Troopa it's

already been announced we know this one

is going to be blooper again it's

already been announced and there's

actually three more so this one's either

gonna be Berto Diddy or paratroopa