LEGO INCREDIBLES - ALL Characters Unlocked!

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guys how's it going everybody my name is

Wang er ladies and gents welcome back to

a brand new like or Incredibles video

and today it is gonna be a really fun

and I think the first stand-alone video

that I'm doing before this game because

so far everything has been very episodic

but now that we are 100% completed on

the game we can go on ahead and shift

our attention towards more standalone

videos so you guys will obviously be

seeing lots of customs episodes a lot of

lots of showcases lots of other fun

videos that I have in mind that I really

really would like to put together over

the next few weeks here so of course if

you guys enjoy this type of content

please consider hitting that like button

but with all that out of the way ladies

and gents today we're gonna take a look

at all 113 characters in the roster or

on the roster I should say for the Lego

Incredibles game so of course this was

something that was already controversial

as soon as there was a rumor about a

lego Incredibles game I was one of the

few people that made a video saying like

hey guys I think that one of the things

we're gonna need to be concerned about

is how the heck are they gonna fill up a