how's the corner buddy money what's

wrong our ladies and gents welcome back

to a brand new Lego Harry Potter video

and today we're gonna go on ahead and

take a look at the complete roster of

characters that is available in the game

because thanks to you guys we were able

to 100% complete the game which is kind

of insanely awesome so I do want to

thank you guys again for the fact that I

thought I had run into that ridiculous

glitch the game breaking glitches where

you're stuck at 99.9 percent completion

but that has now been fixed so we can

take a look at the complete roster we're

currently in Diagon Alley I believe is

how you pronounce it if not that I've

been mispronouncing it this entire time

but here's the complete roster of

characters and you'll notice that it

looks a redonkulous like ginormous it's

a pretty massive roster especially for a

lego game that came out quite a while

back or at least originally came out a

while back plus in addition to that of

course you do have to account for the

fact that yes for example we have Harry

Potter here and it looks like this is

one character model but it's actually a

multitude of different variations of

Harry Potter within one character slot

so you do have to consider the fact that

there's more than one variation per

character and then some characters have

a multitude of different attires so it's

kind of difficult to tell the exact

number of characters if we pause the


it does say 167 but I guess that's kind

of a fair count to go with to be

accurate so let's get rock-and-rolling

you don't forget down in the comment

section below let me know your favorite

character outside of Harry Potter

Hermione and Ron so you can't pick those

three I know those are probably gonna be

the three that are most popular so we're

gonna eliminate those three out of the

options and let me know the next I guess

favourite character outside of those

particular three so with all that in

mind let's get rockin roller from the

top left corner all the way to the

bottom right - or we shall work our way

as we have Harry Potter kicking things

off and then we've got Hermione a grand

ger grineer I don't know Ron Weasley of

course a Harry in his blue shirt of the

sweater the Hogwarts attire the dragon

task I outfit which was during the

dragon task contest then the lake task

force swimming and then the maze tasks

to wrap it up then you have the

Quidditch Harry as well the girl

the skies Harry Potter the Slytherin

disguise Harry Potter who seems to have

gotten a lot of angry look at that sick

how did they do that that's weird

then you have pajama how many variations

are there holy moly

pajamas Harry Potter tuxedo Harry Potter

and we're back to blue shirt and then we

have Hermione and her Hogwarts attire

her red hooded top her blue top her gray

top her cat form the ball gown and back

to Hogwarts we go then four runs side of

things we have Hogwarts Ron pajama Ron a

sweater on a brown jacket Ron Slytherin

disguised Ron I feel like I'm rapping

girl the skies are on took cedar on a

cardigan Ron and back to Hogwarts Ron oh

that was a whole lot of variations let's

hope we don't have to do that for a

little while so next up we have

Professor Dumbledore the gray version I

guess this is the regular like what is a

purplish pink outfit what would you call

that color pink I don't know I guess

it's kind of like purple pink a prank I

don't know did we just invent a new

color I think we might have we have gray

and the other variation then we have a

Professor McGonagall Professor Flitwick

Professor Snape of course a Mad Eye


professor world Professor Lupin take a

loop in the thaad Madame hooch

Gilderoy Lockhart in a green jacket and

his irregular outfit so that's kind of

that beige can outfit Madame Pomfrey

Madame pincer Pines professor sprout

professor Trelawney Trelawney Trelawney

Trelawney maybe I don't know trollin a

professor sinistra professor vector

Haggard himself miss Norris Ginny

Weasley and a Hooda top version as well

as a cardigan version of Jeannie then we


Percy Weasley as well as a sweater

version of him then we have Fred Weasley

and acquitted satire for him as well as

a sweater attire then you got George


quit it satire once against what our

attire once again

then Oliver would which sounds like a

pretty cool like superhero name I'm

Oliver would Katie Bell Angelina Johnson

Alicia spin it I don't know by the way

if any of these characters like real

characters in the Harry Potter universe

cuz again like I said I'm not a massive

Harry Potter fans

so I'm upfront with that I guess kind of

a warning but I don't know if these are

actual characters let me know or if

they're just like invented for the video

game basically or maybe they're from the

books who knows then we have Alicia spin

it we have Colin Creevey creepy Neville


as well as a pajama outfit for him so

there you go then you got Seamus

Finnigan I do know that this character

was in the movies as well Seamus

Finnigan then we have privada patio as

well as her in a ball gown attire then

the out of Dean Thomas Lee Jordan

Gryffindor boy Gryffindor girl then we

go with Malfoy or Draco Malfoy who comes

along with the Quidditch attire as well

a sweater attire and a Hogwarts attire

so those are his variations and outfits

vincent crabbe Malfoy's henchmans I

guess or goons comes along with the

sweater attire as well then Gregory

Goyle also comes along with a sweater

towel to match his a compadre vincent

crabbe then we have a Marcus Flint

Millicent Bulstrode so they're in

prefect a little in boy and Slytherin

girl then you have Padme Patil along

with a ball gown outfit as well then you

have Cho Chang Penelope Clearwater a

ravenclaw prefect

ravenclaw boy a ravenclaw girl then you

have Justin Finch Fletch Lee Cedric

Diggory de gory along with the dragon

task attire Laketown Scott Eyre and maze

task guitar since that's the fella that

competes against Harry Potter and he

also has a sweater I guess attire then

you have Susan bones irony McMillan

Hannah Abbott hufflepuff prefect

Hufflepuff boy and hop

with tongue twister try saying not

quickly five times and have a Hufflepuff

girl holy moley why can't I pronounce

that then we have Fang Dobby or Dobby

I think it's Dobby right I've always

called them Dobby but then a bunch of

people have been correcting me and

saying that it's Dobby which is weird

but that's how English works Griphook

then we begin the fourth row of

characters with Lord Voldemort who does

look pretty epic then we have professor

Karl they cave Voldemort's on possessing

him then we have Tom Riddle Lucius


Peter Peter grew or Pettigrew

Barty Crouch jr. Death Eater the mcnair

Arthur Weasley Molly Weasley Sirius

Black Fleur Delacour

or Delk or maybe then you have floor and

daring and task attire like task attire

maze task guitar that's very cool

Gabrielle Delacour crumb shark as well

as Victor crab as well as dragon task

Victor Krum lake task Victor Krum and

tuxedo Victor Krum then we have Igor car

car car car car car off' i should be

able to pronounce that one easily drums

tranq student amell's Diggory

Barty Crouch senior Doris Crockford

and the second to last row kicks off

with a mr. Ollivander Tom the innkeeper

Madame Malkin Madame arose murder

Ernie prang Stan Shunpike Rita Skeeter

Cornelius fudge dragon handler trolley

which vocalist guitarist bassist drummer

boy girl shifty wizard wizard red wizard

green that was they a weird like

dictionary contest just like picking

random words or something right except

that there's kind of not a lot of

definitions for those but we continue

and carry on to the white which the gray

which Vernon Dursley petunia Dursley

Dudley Dursley aka the most

five folks in the Harry Potter universe

miss Mason mr. Mason milkman station

guard Lily Potter as a ghost James

Potter as a ghost of course professor

pins the bloody baron the fat friar

Freire agatha grey lady nearly headless

Nick Moaning Myrtle as well as Moaning

Myrtle in swimsuit and that wraps up the

complete character roster of Lego Harry

Potter years one through four now of

course these ones right here these are

all customs so you can go on ahead and

design some characters as your heart

pleases so that's pretty awesome to see

as well so with all that in mind ladies

and gents let me know down in the

comment section below which one of these

characters is your personal favorite I'm

genuinely curious to hear again please

select a character outside of Harry

Potter Hermione and Ron so this

obviously also includes all there are

other variations so you can because

Hermione so let me know which character

you like outside of those three because

previously when I asked that question

most of the replies were either Harry

Potter or Hermione and a few people

chose Ron as well it was kind of like in

Pokemon you know like a Harry Potter

would be like Charmander Hermione would

be like squirtle and then Ron would be

like Bulbasaur you know where most

people pick Harry Potter then the

secondary most popular was Hermione and

Ron was quite a distant third but I'm

excited to see what you guys select

outside of those three all right have an

absolute ass there guys I'll hopefully

get you here or the next time for a

brand new lego adventure I'll see you

later alligators bye bye everyone