ready what is going on food of course um

my name is Blitzwing urn ladies and

gentlemen welcome back to another leg of

lamb and three beyond Gotham video and

today I am super duper uber duper uber

another word for very excited to of

course bring you the video where we we

take a look at of course at our

character grid or of course all the

different characters unlocked at at the

time of this recording the reason why

I'm saying at the time that's recording

because there will be four sorry three

more DLC packs available in due time and

once those become available of course

there will be even more character

characters sorry added to our roster so

the roster that you're seeing here is

definitely not as big as it will be once

we have the other DLC packs but once

those DLC packs come out I will make an

updated video and showcase that to you

guys as well with that in mind of course

I will show you basically up to this

point right down here that this should

be the final characters you get then if

you acquire the DLC you get all of these

characters and the characters in this

bottom layer as well with that in mind

let us begin and let's discuss some of

these cool characters so first off we've

got Batman then of course we've got

Robin the Boy Wonder

then we've got the assistant is known

sorry as known known as would make a lot

more sense Alfred Green Lantern Martian

Manhunter cyborg flash Superman and

Wonder Woman rounds out the list of of

course the Justice League and then we

move on to some of the baddies in the

game including Killer Croc the Joker Lex

Luthor Plastic Man cheetah Firefly

Solomon Grundy ace the bat-hound Adam

West who is of course oftentimes in

peril in the game but once you rescue

him thirty times you will indeed unlock

the character we also have Alfred as he

was seen in the 1966 Batman show we have

ambush bug who's very very funny in the

game Aquaman also quite funny IRA killer

of course one of the really really cool

Green Lantern big figures so that's

awesome and of course we also have

the atom speaking of green lantern big

figures we have Atrocitus the leader of

the Red Lanterns which is pretty awesome

and then of course we also have Bane now

let's move on down here I guess we

should go by alphabetical order so let's

continue on this side of things we have

bet go mu tastic then of course we also

have Batgirl Batgirl as she was seen in

the 1966 show Batman as he was seeing in

the 1966 show Batman in his darkest

night attire which is pretty awesome

we have Batman in his Joker disguise

which is absolutely awesome it should

actually be called I guess Bruce Wayne

in Joker disguise right now Batman

hmm I'm not sure do you guys agree

disagree let me know down the comments

section below then we have Batman in his

zoo Zirin our outfit actually have a

figure of this Batman as well it's

really cool it's a really bizarre

looking suit like it's got like a purple

cape from what I remember yellow boots

or something like that red predominantly

red outfit with purples it's like a

really really crazy-looking Batman

outfit that's for sure then we have

Batman of course Beast Boy who's awesome

Black Adam also very cool Black Canary

black hat there's a lot of characters

that start with black then we have Black

Manta all right that was like what four

characters no I think yeah that's crazy

I never picked up on that before then we

have Blees Blue Beetle Booster Gold

Brainiac Brainiac minion which is

definitely not that exciting it's like

here's Brainiac and here's brainiacs

minion it's like doesn't have the same

ring to it that's for sure we have

bronze tiger

Bruce Wayne Captain Cold Catwoman both

in her pre 52 outfit and her post 52

outfit so you get both variations oh

sorry and the 1966 I forgot also so yeah

there's three different Catwoman that's

crazy I didn't pick up on that for some

reason I thought that we're only two I

don't know how I forgot about that

hmm it's kind of odd because for the

other characters like you know how

Batman and everything like or even

Batgirl let's say they kept her in a

different actual character selection

like you see this Batgirl and then you

see this one so they're in two different

categories so it's interesting that fork

at home and they just bunched it all up

together that's kind of intriguing that

we have cheetah in her Robin disguise

which is pretty

jesh hires well and of course one of the

most expensive characters in the game

and that is composite Superman now by

the way I know some people are gonna ask

me about showcasing the actual

characters I'll be doing gameplay

showcases through each and every single

one of the characters so stay tuned for

that and I hope that you guys will

indeed enjoy those as well next up we

have the most funny or I'm not sure if

he's the funniest but he's certainly up

there for the funniest character in the

game and that is condiment King then we

have croc henchman cyborg superman and

very very cool Deadshot awesome then

we've got Deathstroke detective chimp

deck star of course from the Red Lantern

cores then we've got dr. fate one of my

personal faves that we have doomsday a

true gun firestorm of course the very

very very cool and surprisingly awesome

Frankenstein I really did not expect the

Frankenstein character to be quite as

cool as he really is in this game so

definitely I'm kind of a big surprise I

guess an underdog favorite in my opinion

then we have the team of Geoff Johns and

Gimli which is pretty awesome indeed

very very cool of course two very very

big powerhouses in terms of influence on

the DC Universe and both in writing and

in art of course more so art for Jim Lee

and writing for Geoff Johns but you know

what I mean they're very very important

folks over there at DC then we've got

giganto gorilla grodd the Gray Ghost

which is an amazing surprise in this

game very very cool

we have Grayson then Green Arrow of

course we will get a rendition of the

arrow as well with the arrow DLC pack

which will be cool then we have Green

Lantern Harley Quinn Hawkgirl Hawkman

heatwave hush and indigo one next up

we'll move on to the Indigo tribe

warrior a really really awesome surprise

in this was the fact that we got John

Stuart I was so happy to see him here

cuz he's my favorite Green Lantern so

that was really cool then we have the

Joker's he was seen in 1966 Batman show

the Joker in his Batman disguise of

course Batman has Joker's disguise so it

only makes sense that Joker would have


the skies then we move on to the Joker

clown tankmen the Joker space henchman

and the Joker my henchman so three

different variations of the henchman

there then we've got Kalibak Kevin Smith

Kid Flash Killer Moth a big fan favorite

oddly enough Kilowog

of course Krypto the Superdog who is

fantastic the white Lantern who to me

looks like Kyle Rayner personally that

we have Larfleeze

again very pleasant surprise to see him

in this game Lex bot Lex Luthor in his

both Hawkman disguise and his Wonder

Woman disguise and if you're like what

what kind of disguise play the game and

find out or watch I guess what I've done

and yeah it gets pretty funny at times

that we've got of course Lobo Mad Hatter

man-bat manchester black who i don't

know much about actually still have not

looked up this character i need to do

that then we've got of course the very

cool metallo miss martian young justice

a simple mr. freeze mr. mix Affleck I

still don't know how to pronounce his

name correctly musikmeister are very

very cool surprise in the game as well

Nightwing then the orange construct

warrior Orion very cool parasite has an

absolutely awesome effect from one of

his attacks then we've got the penguin

as he's seen in the 1966 show and the

regular bat I mean boom said Batman and

the regular penguin then we've got

platinum poison ivy polkadot man again

very obscure character there the

question reach warrior red hood very


I just recently re-watched the animated

film for that it's really really awesome

then we've got Red Lantern warrior the

red tornado reverse-flash the Riddler

The Riddler 1966 outfit Robin in his

1966 outfit then of course Robin in his

Lex Luthor disguise the Saint Walker

leader the blue lanterns Shazam Sinestro

leader of the yellow lanterns and of

course Sinestro Corps warrior part of

those yellow lanterns that we've got

star girl star sapphire Superboy

Supergirl both in her classic outfit and

her modern outfit so that's pretty neato

that we move on to Superman in his solar


probably my favorite Superman either

this one

or the composite one but I also really

like the cyborg one so but I don't know

I just really like the black outfit it's

really neat then to my surprise and I

think the surprise of mini we actually

got two variations of Swamp Thing both a

new 52 outfit and a pre new 52 which is

pretty neato then you get Thunderer toon

Drake - a man trickster ultra Humanite

vibe Wonder Girl Wonder Woman in her

cheetah disguise xamarin warrior

Zatanna the fierce flame and this is

where you would typically end your

roster of characters everything past

this points are these are your customs

so of course you would have access to

those but everything past that these

characters that I have now acquired

through the three DLC packs that are

currently available which of course

Batman 75th anniversary The Dark Knight

trilogy and the Man of Steel

so those three packs provide you with

these characters specifically so let's

work through them so we've got first

along the Man of Steel pack which

provides us with fiora General Zod

jor-el Kell acts loora loora van is that

how you pronounce that lure van I'm not

sure if I'm pronouncing that correctly I

apologize then Superman steel torann the

Zod agent and that rounds out that list

then we move on to the Batman's 75th

anniversary pack which gives us as Riel

Batman the Batman from braving the bold

which is such a cool surprise I really

loved that one it looks super duper

sweet then you get a big figure Batman

which is also cool because this is The

Dark Knight Returns Batman then you've

got the Detective Comics number 27

Batman the Batman Gotham by Gaslight

outfit and also Batman in his Sinestro

Corps outfit as well as the vampire

Batman which is quite spooky indeed oh

sorry I forgot

also zebra Batman who is the most

obscure Batman I've ever seen in my life

I mean yeah more obscure than vampire

Batman I mean this thing just looks

incredibly crazy I wonder if this is a

real outfit I really need to search that

out and then of course we move on to the

DLC of the Dark Knight trilogy and these

are the characters that you can acquire

there including Bane very cool then

we've got Batman in the Dark Knight

trilogy out to it then Commissioner

Gordon the Joker in his nurse outfit

Rachel Google their scarecrow in his

Batman Begins outfit Selina Kyle from

The Dark Knight Rises the SWAT team

member and then of course two-face from

The Dark Knight so with all that in mind

guys there you have it I hope you guys

enjoyed this character collection I

think that it's probably the best

character roster we've got I mean it's

the best one we've gotten Lego Batman

for sure but it's just really cool in

general because he gets so many obscure

characters like I mean I know some

people will be a gold if Joe and Gimli

why they're there whatever like it's

just side characters you don't have to

like get upset about that but there's

some really really unique characters

like polkadot man musikmeister the Gray

Ghost Giganta is amazing condiment King

back count there's so many really really

cool characters that I am just truly

truly blown away by how cool and awesome

this character roster truly is with that

in mind of course guys if you enjoyed

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well and of course stay tuned for plenty

more videos coming your way I'll be

doing lots and lots of cool countdowns

for the game as well and then of course

showcasing all the different characters

in due time with all that I might think

you so so so very much for watching let

me know in the comment section below

which of the characters that you see

here you are most excited for and then

of course I will make an updated video

once all the DLC for the game becomes

available have a fantastic day guys in a

wool indeed catch you guys next time

peace out see you laters alligators bye

bye guys