How to Unlock Kilgore (Killer Instinct Shadow Lords)

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hey what's up everyone so I'm pretty

sure you guys heard season 3 has a new

update for patch 3.6 one of them is the

feature of three new characters so I was

playing shadow Lords and there's a quest

to actually fight one of the new

characters I'm going to break down the

video like how I did with the idol video

so I'm assuming that the biggest

requirements is that you have to beat

shadow lures and least once this might

require more than one play troupe but

it's pretty cool to experience you will

come across a four-part quest called a

hot lead you start the quest and it

sense that the Alliance entails report

that food war units are malfunctioning

the mission is to investigate with the

help of a Ultratech recon drone during

the recon drones enter a partially

destroyed village where a firefight has

recently taken place you see a stray

full board unit staggering about it is

riddled with bullet holes this two

choices which is approached with caution

and question areas motors I pick

approach with caution so basically you

faced off against Google

after you finish off the Blue Boar unit

the drum proves it with the laser