Killer Instinct Free on Xbox One All Characters Unlocked | XBOX ONE

hey guys give Meister xb1 with another

video quick video and there is a rumor

going about and it seems legit for

Microsoft that killer instinct now for

Xbox Live members whether think five

years or over is going to be free yes

free dot to purchase any characters

they're going to be all unlocked via on

the next generation Xbox one system now

to me this is great news

Microsoft at the moment can do no wrong

at all with these and stuff that they're

releasing so tell me what you guys think

about that do you think it's a good move

by Microsoft I think it's an excellent

move so as in the UK a you get in the

Forza 5 download are the FIFA 14

download we pre order as well now it

looks like killer instincts that's two

full games what you get we in exigent

the system so let us know leave a

comment and let us know what you think

and I will catch you guys later