How to Get the New 2.6 Characters! Injustice Gods Among Us! IOS/Android

hey guys can I eat here with the briney

video on the game injustice gods among

us so here today we're gonna be focusing

on the switchgear whether it works or

whether was patched and whether how to

get those five new carriers that came

out on this update excluding the other

two characters which will be for

challenge character or challenge mode um

they are Hale Horton I mean Jordan

Spanish Ari and the other one is

Wonder Woman Justice League you cannot

get those yet as of you guys um there's

one glitch the booster pot glitch which

I'll show you guys in this video here

today how to get those packs and also

guys um I've been alright so the last

few videos you guys may be seeing me

reviewing all those characters I didn't

hear any Ria's comments when I made

those videos they're all made in one day

so I spammed the videos as soon as

possible so I'm an answer try to answer

some the comments you guys posted I saw

while I upload the video alright so um

we're gonna handle which is collection

because the switch which requires to go

to your collection or something like


alright you must have something so

alright so a couple of characters to

sell now let's go ahead and sell the

Arkham Knight Harley Quinn says she was

a new character alright so by doing this

glitch you won't still her actually but

you got the credits that's basically the

switch polish alright so what do you

wanna do is double tap out or active ECU

whichever way you guys want to UM do

this alright so what do you want to do

is go back and in justice double tap the

character well not really have a like a

little mini pause like one second pause

then tap the character twice and quickly

switch and keep tapping any of the tabs

above so I'm just going to tap the

support cards tab alright here you go

one one two quick tap yes here we go

alright so I recently noticed that in

this updates really quick to the switch

flush now it's really easier alright so

I might confirm I get the credits and if

you go on characters and she was not

sold also guys some have some people

said that the credits disappear after

you um what do you call it a delete the

app from your multitasking history well

that's because I don't know why but yeah

it just reverts back to the original

mount so beef

or you exit the app make sure you spend

those credits that you got from the

splutch because they all go away after

for some of you guys it will go away all

right so that's this just confirms the

switch glitch works now second off

second thing of thought is all right so

to get those five new booster packs or I

mean five new characters is what you

want to do all right so to begin with um

you know what I'm not gonna sure the CW

fast now just to show you when I do


alright so log into another wv8 account

that you use that um has a save in it

and um there's another method you could

delete your game and once you deal with

your game guys redownload game and cloud

sit back and go right to the store so

it's the same method I'm just gonna

choose the first message method in which

is the sign of another WB decal

so some of you guys also comment below

that on my mic was dying or my mic rip

alright so I'm sorry for that I'm

terribly terribly sorry so our

downloaded in you um app on my iPad so I

can record my voice and hopefully you

guys could hear me now alright so go

right to the store after your Simon um

so store and it should be there all the

packs should be there now this could

also work by you guys deleting the

application as I said before and re

downloading in I claps I'm back and go

right to store to this lunch alright so

you should see all these packs that have

not been released not well some of them

are released most of them are not so no

guys got the reverse-flash I have no

idea how you get that character but I

know how to get the other five all

rights are there for alright so we have

the reverse-flash you can't get this

pack for free you have to buy it unless

you have a hack device alright so which

mine is here is not even hacked because

I can't frickin buy that

alright so our compact alright so

there's two packs one is the regular one

and you could get the old version oh

wait why does it say new alright so a

new more powerful Arkham partly so did

they enhance the Harlequin or what

I'm guessing they did all right so uh

this is a new pack and this is the our

compact or our from night pack or I

don't know what you want to call it the

clear or that's the Arkham Asylum pack

this is the Arkham pack

that's it our compact all right so let's

keep opening these packs I guess and

hopefully we get the characters are we

getting all sorts of all sorts of Arkham

parkin characters oh damn it we got

Triplett right off the back all right

not really out right off the back but on

point all right so we got tuna gives

what else we got one more Negev we have

three negatives we have another Nick yes

hello I'm trying to get all the

characters all right we got my boy the

arkham knight all right one more

character guys left huh - des côtes nice

come on oh we got it we got it even

though that was fat flat fast damn all

right there we go

Arkham Knight Batman those are the three

new characters that have not been

released yet and that's how you got

those three characters now reverse-flash

I don't know how you get him overall I

have no idea you had him is there any


I'm just see cuz I've seen people got

him for free I just know they got for

like free and you could get the river

splash as well I just don't know I get

him doesn't stay here Savior that is not

seen here either the same Most Wanted

back home challenge pack matey just open

this one

alright let's open it until we get

static shock or someone that was

recently added like animated madman IKEA

score being awesome let's keep all these

opening these bags

Danah damn I've not seen her ever from

these sound bites or it may be it might

be just me post-world flash boss nice

alright so so far we have not got the

new characters though recently added but

we're gonna keep trying cuz I have a lot

of money I don't give a all right

yeah we got hot bro Jana again there we


more accommodates scorpion alright

that's it so reverse-flash I'll know how

to get him I think he's in the store I'm

not sure but see that rhymed no alright

alright so that's basically I guess of

this video I guess alright so next time

I'll be up with another video

um reviewing all the gear cards of this

recent update so these no wait I don't

have in this account it was on the other

one so um yeah all the new gear cards

the fourth world star gear cards so yeah

so stay tuned guys and the videos will

not be spam from now on so I got y'all

alright so give this video like and as

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