How to Unlock a Locked Hero in Save the World Fortnite

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hey guys it's Lulu's gaming TV I'm

Wilding Laney

with another episode for tonight save

the world so I'm here to help you okay

so I've got a lot a lot of feedback from

one of the videos that I posted and

what's happening is that people are

getting their heroes and they're locked

and they have no idea what to do and

I've tried to send messages but I'm

starting to get a lot of people that are

messaging me the same exact thing so I

figured I would do this video to help

you guys figure out how to unlock

something that is locked okay and it's

super super super simple and once you

see what I do you'll see you'll see that

it was easy okay so we're gonna so what

I did is I waited till I have I had

locked heroes in order to do this video

in order for me to show you okay

so I opened a bunch of llamas and what

happened is all these are locked so I

have Sarah Claus right here and let's

look at her there's my Sarah Claus and

then here is my Sarah hot tip tip tip I

can turn it okay

there isn't she gorgeous okay she's a

dragon look at her gorgeous she is okay

so I have her but I can't use her right