[ENG] Dissidia 012 [duodecim] - Final Fantasy - Fast leveling/EXP farm trick

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hello guys Runa here and I've gone

showing ex trick in the Cydia and I had

a few people that asked me how I got to

local hundred so fast and how long it

takes and all that stuff and so I

decided to make a video to show how easy

it is to live on the Cydia a few things

are required not that complicated

I'll just show you how to do it easier

this way

so the first thing is it's best to do it

on your special thing just give this for

now as you can see well it also helps if

you bought all the X bonus from the PP

catalog then you get double X and you

can simply do this by changing the date

on your PSP like I did because it's not

real Saturday today then there's another

thing that's needed and if you go to PP

catalog under system at the bottom

there's the CPU level cap plus blah blah

blah and there unlock that a certain I

don't know I think when you I really

don't know when they're all locked but I

remember in the beginning I only had

these three the plus 30 but eventually

you should be able to unlock up to plus

100 and that's the one you need because

you want our level at one to be able to

find a level 100 embassy