BLACKOUT: UNLOCK ALL PRIMIS CREW: How to Unlock Richtofen, Nikolai, Takeo & Dempsey in Blackout

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my name's mr. Dalek JD and welcome to

your ultimate guide on how to unlock the

black out premise zombies characters

we're going to be breaking down exactly

how to get each character's item as well

as tips and tricks on how you can easily

unlock these characters in game I really

hope you guys find this guide useful and

in the pinned comment section you can

find timestamps for each individual

zombies character of you're looking for

just that I advise you watch for out as

I'm sure you're gonna learn something

which you didn't know before if you

leave this video finding this guide

useful a like rating would be

appreciated before you leave and let me

know in the comment section what your

favorite character is out of the four

we're jumping straight and we're gonna

start with the most difficult character