99Vidas stage 6 and robot unlock

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one of you know magic but my have to

imagine that guy ever Mitchell rocks

I could not caught they [ __ ] sucks

all I gotta do is sneak up on them they

get to drop like that like that like

this and like that I missed but them

right back I gotta hit with the pan but

it's okay I still got nothing

give it a little my love oh my goodness

you knew she'd down here the robot is

gonna go see your truck you got away



hopefully this is all soon no no the

dang robot because I would have played

the game with everybody


I don't know about a dime-size you do

use it on him



but now I'm gonna die so they say until

I was driving this

either way so I got seven miles I hate

when I will cook grabby

I hate beasts okay with everybody

come on [ __ ] this one more than one

person getting my condo and I swear

get rid of him oh there's two more lives

I think that of you