Mario Kart Wii - How to Unlock All Characters

hello guys I'm tormented extremists and

today I'm gonna be showing you how to

unlock all characters in Mario Kart Wii

you're probably wondering as to why I'm

making it this video when the games but

twelve years old

no I thought why not Michael we so won

the most played games online and if

anyone just happened to pick up the game

the first time or forgot how to unlock

everything then I can be of assistance

there are 14 characters in total to lock

and this video would be showing the

order in which you unlock them sit back

relax and enjoy the video there are 2 km

more too much you can unlock characters

by one length is the old-fashioned Grand

Prix you can unlock 9 of the 14

characters here like I'm playing all 4

engine classes the first character you

unlock is kingboo it all to unlock King

do you have a window 50cc stark up next

is baby Daisy in order to unlock baby

dizzy you have to have at least a star

rank and every week upon 50cc so is the

mushroom flower star on special cooks

next is diddy kong in order to unlock

diddy kong you need to win the 50cc

lightning cup next is me after a in

order to unlock me off the air you hit

the window hood to see a special coffee

next is dry bones the halls were locked

right bones you hit the window home to

see see leave cop

next is Bowser jr. No - enough buzzer

jr. in the Indian have release of star

rank and every retro curve 100cc of the

shell banana leaf and lightning cups

next is Daisy no to unlock Daisy you

need to add images to tease TC special

Cup next is dry Bowser also a long tie a

bow sir you know in it I release a star

rank and every week up 150cc you're more

likely unlocked Daisy enjoy Bowser

together not to complete in a special

cover my last cogs are you can unlock

the Grand Prix as rosalina she's one of

two characters in which there are two

methods to unlocker

the first time at least a star one can

every cut on mirror mode second way is

sad a save file as with Mario Galaxy

after sewing a new license the other

game orders a time trials you unlock the

other five characters I appear on all

the 80 courses the first crafter you

unlock is funky Kong and also unlock

funky Kong you need

unlock for fast stuff ghosts next is

baby luigi no to unlock baby luigi need

to lock it by staff ghosts

next is berdal no - enough berdal you

need to rest on 16 different causes

next is Tourette's I want an altar long

toilet you need to rest on 32 courses

lastly is me a third be in order to

unlock now for be you need to unlock all

32 fast tough courses depending on what

order you choose you can unlock funky

Kong baby luigi Umberto before you even

start the Grand Prix however you'll need

to have caught least completed the 50 cc

first in order to unlock Twitter and

mouth of pay but if you plan into the

traditional order this high unlock every

character so yeah you Biscay need to

complete time trials to knock a me

outfit doesn't seem worth it does it

anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this

video if you did then some thought I put

and I describe Salah into a mess any

content like this in the future just

guys I'll see you next time