Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor: Getting the Domination / Brand Skill

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hey there are you handsome basses and

classy ladies and welcome to

middle-earth shadow of Mordor

now I actually did a few videos of this

on my channel way back when I first

originally came out but in true true

iron gamer for her behind never did

quite get to the end coz of just time

constraints and everything that's the

joys of having a lot like Joe or having

a job like responsibilities itself it's

sucks because I would love love love

love to do YouTube videos full-time oh

well that's aim someday maybe we'll see

how I get on in the meantime I still

love doing them no matter what bow shot

of war is on the horizon and it's gonna

be out soon so I started replaying

shadow of Mordor now I say replaying as

a fun fact for you

this is the furthest I ever made it in

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