[ENGLISH] How to unlock bootloader in Redmi Note 8 pro without data loss #redminote8pro 🔥

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hello everyone and uh welcome to my

channel now in this video we are going

to look at like how we can crack the

bootloader of our phone

uh in crack in the sense like how we can

unlock the bootloader of our phone now

here i am using the redmi note 2 device

if you are and this is based on the

media tech so if you are using a device

any device which is based on the media

tech so you can just follow this process

now here i will specifically talk about

the redmi note 8 pro uh so first of all

what the step which which you have to do

is you have to come to the settings uh

from here and then in the settings go to

the about phone section and here you

have to tap the miui version like

literally seven times

okay now here when it will come back uh

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