Tesla How To Unlock Passenger Door - How To Unlock Doors From Inside Tesla Quick Help, Guide

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hey guys in this video I'm going to go

over how you unlock the passenger doors

in your Tesla vehicle so the most common

issue that people have is when they

drive up to a location to pick somebody

up that person's on the outside of the

car you're on the inside of the car and

they can't open the door so it's pretty

simple there's this lock icon right up

here on the screen

you click that and when it shows that

the lock is locked of course people

aren't going to be able to enter but you

click that little icon to unlock the

doors and people should be able to enter

the vehicle and this is often an issue

when somebody is in drive and they're

driving to a location to pick somebody

up the car is going to be locked you

come to a stop when the car is in drive

and on hold with this icon as lock

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