How To Open A Keyring EASILY With A Coin

hey everybody I'm here today to show you

how to open a keyring easily now we are

all familiar with key rings just like

this and we're trying to you know put a

key into the keyring or take a key out

of the keyring and some people break

their nails other people hurt their

fingers it's just not the easiest thing

to do so I'm going to show you a little

trick and all that you need to do this

is a coin you know literally a coin just

like this now any coin will work but

thinner coins will work better so I have

a Canadian 10-cent coin otherwise known

as a dime and I'm going to use it to

open the keyring so I will be putting my

car key into the keyring and as you can

see the car key is thicker than most

keys so it's actually going to be um it

should it would regularly be pretty

difficult to put this into the keyring

because it's so thick but using a coin I

can make it quite easy so the goal here

is to take the coin and push it

downwards into where the ending of the

keyring so as you can see right here

this is where the keyring ends and I'm

gonna you know go about half an inch

away from the ending and simply press

down but on a slight angle if I go

straight down it will be a little

difficult to put the coin through I'm

going to go on an angle towards that

side right there so I'm just going to

show you on an angle I'm simply pushing

down like that and once you get the coin

into the the part of the keyring just

like that all that you have to do is

simply twist it so the coin is in there

and if I twist the coin clockwise or

counterclockwise depending on whatever

you want to do when you twist the coin

it will open up the keyring so I'm going

to get my key my car key into position

right here and I'm going to simply twist

the coin and I'll just actually show you

without the car key first when you twist

the coin you can see that it opens it up

see that it opens it up so I'm going to

twist it

and open up the keyring and slide my car

key into position so I'm opening up the

keyring just like that sliding my car

key in there and once your key is past

that point you can take the coin and

remove it and you can simply spin your

key onto the keyring keyring so I'm just

going to spin it just like that and

eventually it will be completely in the

keyring and that is my simple trick that

is how you open up a keyring easily and

that's all I have for you today thanks

for watching