(642) Master Lock Combo Box - EZPZ to Open! (JUNK!)

hey guys Wayne Winton sent this to me

from Colorado asked me to show you how

easy it is to get into these master lock

combination locks there's no model

number that I can see anywhere on this

thing but doesn't matter they'll you'll

know it when you see it little weather

window here you pop it open and that

exposes the combination now it's

unshielded so you dial in your

combination and then pull this little

lever down and then you get in there you

can see it's locked

doesn't come out them let's see if we

can get into all you really need is a

knife and this one is I think is the

thin piece of steel this is 12,000 you

can make one out of feeler gauge but

very thin and what we're trying to do

we're going to stick it right it beside

the wheel and when we turn that wheel

we're going to find the the flat spot on

the wheel so what we're going to do is

just I'm going to push it in there and

then I'm going to pull it this way and

try to determine when we hit that flat

spot and you'll see it move very

slightly as we get to it hopefully it

doesn't get hung up too bad like it is


come out of there we check that for now

okay there's a flat spot you saw it kind

of went like that and that tells me it's

writing on the flat spot so we got a

three there let's turn this one again

just trying to find the flat spot we're

just trying to line them all up so we

got something to work with and there we

go it's a zero

and then maybe shot flop over there see

we can get it to show a little better

there's a not flat spot and then it kind

of rides in there to the flat spot so

there's a five and the last one don't

put too much torque on otherwise it'll

bind it there we go

so that's really a deep one right there

so we got two five zero three so let's

see if that lined it up in this case it

doesn't but what we know is that the

flat spots are lined up now we've just

got to figure out where they need to be

rotated to so two five oh three and what

I'm going to do is I'm just going to

rotate them all one click so we got a

three six one four get that lined up and

we'll try it there

nope about a four seven two five and

there we go

lever comes down comes open we got a key

in here I don't know what it goes to

I'm sure Wayne will send me a lot for it

but anyway that's how easy it is to get

a master lock nothing to it all you need

just a little thin piece of flexible

steel to find the flat spot on these

unshielded wheels get what you pay for

guys thanks for time stay safe stay