How to deactivate Super Lock on Kenwood two way radios | Radio 101

hi i'm anthony with by 2-way radios comm

today we're going to talk about a

function on the Kenwood radios known as

super lock and this is a common call

that myself and my sales staff gets on

how to eliminate this feature what super

lock does in a nutshell is it locks your

channels and programming to that

particular channel in other words you

lock it on channel 1 even if you change

to channel 2 3 4 whatever it's going to

stay on that channel 1 super lock is

activated when the radio is on and when

side button number 1 is pressed for more

than 3 seconds employees when they have

these radios in their hand they see

these buttons and they wonder what they

do they'll hold the button down and it

will put the radio in super lock you'll

know your radio is in super lock if you

cannot change your channels in other

words if everyone is on channel 1 and

that radio was super locked in channel 2

even if that radio is put back over to

channel 1 it will not send or receive a

common way to know if your radio is in

super lock or not is listen to it if you

change the channels and it gives you

that audible beep you know that it is in

super lock it's a very simple fix

basically all you're going to do is you

turn the radio off on the side here you

have three buttons your push-to-talk

side key one and side key 2 to remove

the super lock follow these simple steps

you're going to hold down side key

number two and at the same time you're

going to power the radio on when the

orange light comes on you'll release it

your 2 beeps power it off back on and

super lock goes away

not my favorite feature bike in wood

this is probably the most called about

and emailed about question or concern

you don't have to send the radio back to

us we can definitely fix it on your own

if you have any more questions feel free

to give us a call or chat or send an

email in at by 2-way radios comm I'm

Anthony Roque and this has been radio