Kensington Lock Decode

okay so some others Kensington laptop

locks and going to show how to decode it

by using a method that uses resistance

so we're basically going to apply

pressure to the button here and we'll

cycle through the numbers on the top row

this one and feel the resistance on the

middle two rollers and then when we get

to the number that the combination

number you'll feel that the rollers will

be more difficult to turn and then we'll

repeat that process for the bottom the

bottom number here after that a few

other two numbers it's just a matter of

finding the the two centers numbers

which you can just do in a 10 by 10 just

cycle through one at a time okay so here

goes I don't know what the the code is

we just randomized it and it doesn't

open so we'll start by zeroing


okay and all zeroes and basically start

by moving this to top 1 2 1 applying the

pressure and then roll in to center

barrel so it's quite easy to move so go

to too easy to move 3 4 5 6


eight okay so now this this third one

down is starting to get well it's tight

it's like I can hardly even turn it so

we go to 9 and they're back to easy

again so a top number is going to be

eight okay so now we'll go back to zero

and I mean what you know it's not gonna

be it could be zero check that now go to

one I apply pressure in turn it's a

little bit difficult but

actually sorry he was a top one away so

it doesn't interfere with what we're

reading okay turn easily at one turn

easily at two three

okay for this tumblr the roller here is

locked up again okay so our bottom

numbers likely to be number four so now

it's just a matter of put these back to

zero and we'll try that convo oops sorry

try eight double o for that doesn't send

me I'll go through a process of trial

and error

change that to two zero try eight three

zero four four five six seven eight nine

change that up to one and then go one

two three four

five six seven eight nine

changed it up to - sorry back to fall


two three four five oops




sir and we just continue doing this

until we find the right combination

oh we go I see great 264th we can

successfully unlocked it