[361] Snap-On Tool Chest Tubular Lock Picked

this is the lock-picking lawyer and what

i have for you today is a lock that

protects tools and workshops across the

country this is a lock from a snap-on

professional tool chest and of course it

comes with the iconic snap-on key that

has a bow in the shape of a wrench this

particular lock works perfectly no

problems there so we are going to see if

these locks are up to the task

remember these are every single day

protecting thousands if not tens of

thousands of dollars worth of tools

so we'd hope it provides a fair bit of

security before we try to pick this lock

open a couple words about its design

first of all the center post on this

lock usually they're made out of a

chrome covered brass not so with this

one it's made out of Steel now drilling

that center post out is a common way to

destructively defeat these locks so I'm

assuming that steel is hardened and it

probably helps with attacks like that

next if we look carefully at this lock

we can see something relatively unusual

about it at first blush it does look

like a 7 pin lock however it is not in

the three o'clock position what looks

like a pin is actually just a lug of

metal that sticks out into the keyway

and then in the six o'clock position

while we do have a pin there there is no

driver pin behind it there's no spring

behind it so we really only have five

pins here so when I'm single pin picking

we are going to go pin one two three

four five no need to to address the pins

that are not working so we're actually

going to try to get into this lock in

two separate ways first we're going to

try to impression it and then we will

try to single pin picket for impression

one small complication with this lock

most locks most tubular locks at least

in the United States are 7.8 mm

design so the overwhelming majority of

the tubular la compression tools out

there are designed for the seven-point

eight millimeter locks not so with this

one this is actually a seven point five

millimeter lock and you do need to use a

seven point five millimeter tubular lock

impression a tool luckily I do have one

that came with my Huck tubular lock

impression a tool set so we are going to

try to use it to get into this lock just

press in and turn and hopefully in a

couple of motions there we go

we can get into it so that's a very very

disappointing development we know that

they don't have differing strength

Springs and they these locks do not have

different lengths driver pins two really

really easy design changes that could

have prevented a simple unskilled attack

like that let's also try to single pin

pick this lock just to see how quickly

it will go it's only a five pin lock but

we do have to turn it to positions so

let's get a noe tensioning tool in place

and see how long it takes ones loose

click Edit to click add a three nothing

from four click out of five nothing on

one click at it two nothing on three

nothing on four or five there we go one

we moved one position now let's see what

it takes to get the other one one we

only have four pins now two

three okay so opened up very very

quickly single pin picking as well so

the snap-on tool chest locks they guard

some really really high value items

items that are required for a lot of

people's livelihood yet the locks that

they put on them are really not up to

the task that's all I have for you on

this snap-on professional tool chest

lock if you have any questions or

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always have a nice day

thank you