Microwave Repair - Door Stuck

hmm I just hated myself up some tea here

Oh what the what's up everyone welcome

to my video here now in the description

below I'm going to also include a link

to a new microwave I ended up replacing

this one but I want to find out what

happened like why did this fail and I

can't open the door

so my stuff is stuck in there I did

since get it open I'm gonna show you how

I open the door and let's see if we can

let's do what happened in this microwave

maybe we could fix it maybe maybe not

I guess the first thing to do is make

sure it's unplugged so if it's plugged

in unplug it and let's go around back

here for a second okay so this is just

for experimental purposes I don't

recommend you taking your microwave

apart cuz who knows what could happen

but you know Gaussian microwaves and

there's all kinds of other warnings you

know about servicing it get the manual I

don't have a service manual but we're

gonna check this out again let's be

careful make sure it's unplugged if

you're doing something like this and

let's just see what happens we'll see if

we can fix it okay I did a quick check

there's basically one two three and four


at the back and then underneath here

there's one here and then one on the

other side and you might be asking how

on earth did you get your door open

because they were desperate for that hot

cup of tea or coffee it heated up well

there's really no easy way to do it

there's not a magic secret release for

the door or anything

I took a screwdriver shoved it in here

and then give it a quick sharp twist BAM

as I said I did get it open before I

took the stuff out and here I'll speed

up the video we'll get the outer casing

off here I believe it's only those one

two three four five six screws let's do

that all right let's get this thing



all right so I'm encountering some sort

of resistance in here I'm not sure what

maybe I just need a screwdriver here



okay so for future reference if you're

doing this it seems I mean I've already

bent that up a bit but these two little

things that looks like it needs to slide

back there we go

all right there's the business so what

do we have here

oh yeah Wow

oh wait so you know keep your cans out

of there

don't be touching things and thank you

you might end up hurting yourself I

don't know if there's any capacitors in

here or anything yeah there is there's a

big capacitor down Wow down at the

bottom here now what is a capacitor not

sure if you can see it but it's right

there it looks like a big round cylinder

no capacitors

it hasn't been plugged in for quite a

while so it's probably drained out now

but a capacitor can carry a lot of

voltage who knows it depends where it is

I don't know but it could you know could

be like a thousand bolts or something in

there I don't know just a crazy amount

so you have to be very careful when

you're doing this stuff and that's why

I'm saying like probably don't do this

and I'll be careful but I need to get at

Oh actually here's the okay I'm gonna

lower this down hang on I have to

readjust my camera because we have a

visual on the situation hang on okay so

this might be a little bit difficult to

see but Wow yeah I mean this was

actually easier than what I thought to

at least investigate I thought there

would be another shell and everything

but what we're looking at here this is

the door it opens here the but the press

button is right here and this is the

mechanism that releases the door and so

basically it's kind of like a little

lever and what has happened trying to

get this in here so there's a little

pivot point here you can see how it

rotates there's the joint right there

and then on the other side what has

happened gonna close the door here on

the other side there's another little

pivot point and the material on this

piece here has failed so

I bet the daughters gonna work right now

so yes I did the door does open but

there's some plastic that's broken back

there and as soon as there's some

pressure on it and it failed

oh good side view here so basically

right now it's not working and as I said

there's a pivot point back there oops

and so the plaster is some plastic is

broken I mean that's just something that

you might be able to repair but yeah

once you get once plastic starts

breaking and stuff I don't know it's

such a minor thing that ruined this

microwave I have it back in place there

and so the door does open now if you

were really gentle with this you might

be able to get you know it probably

worked for you for quite a lot longer

but you know finding parts to fix

something like that it's probably

impossible but yeah it kind of does work

now I would hate to you know I'm don't

don't be a jerk and sell it at a garage

sale because they I see it I just tried

it again it popped right off I'm gonna

show you that again help popped open

with my hands in the way don't worry so

it's in place now let's see I'm gonna

try very gently to press on it no I

won't it pops back oh so anyway so while

I was easy I thought this is gonna be

difficult to show you guys but that's

the reason you know if you have some

time you might build a fiddle around

with that or maybe get it to work but

this is a cheap microwave so it just

wasn't worth the time if it was like a

really expensive microwave like you know

300 bucks or something I would certainly

be in there taking this part like I can

pull this thing right out of here I

think see this slip this is the pace of

peace here like this part is fine this

is the nylon part it's the piece that

this fits into that's messed up and for

whatever reason they should have made

this out of nylon like this assembly

here and it would have been fine but no

alley but it did last 20 years so I

shouldn't I guess I shouldn't be so

critical but anyway there you have it

check out the link below I bought a new

microwave I did a review on it and I'm

pretty happy with the new one that I

bought and it's a little bit bigger than

this a little bit more modern yes before

I leave you here if you have any ideas

about fixing the door and then just

running it with the door off or not with

the door off but without the paneling on

here that's probably not a good idea

either I you know I'm not completely

sure about this but this looks like the

whatever does the microwaving or it

creates the microwaves and you know if

you plan on having any children or

anything you probably don't want to run

this with the casing off it might be

okay but again I I have no idea

so yeah if you for some reason do manage

to fix your door make sure you put it

all back together before you run it

where else you could end up having some

issues you know maybe your hair will

start falling out and you won't feel so

well anyways enjoy have a good one but

yeah check that out I hope you enjoyed

the video and I hope you learned

something today I always have a great

day take care like

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