Unlocking the new Kenmore Elite Dishwasher

hello YouTube I'm making this video for

all those people who have a king more of

the 2018 model that tend to lock it up I

had to discover for myself how to unlock

it because nobody else not even the

manual tells me how to unlock it not for

the 2018 model but this is how you

unlock it first

the reason lock it well the way you

unlock it is the way you lock it so just

take a note here this middle button

Stanley rinse Senna Senna I rinse it

says love hold three seconds sometimes

you can push any button and it'll be on

and if you don't cancel or do whatever

it's gonna lock so this is how you're

unlucky get this middle button sandy

Rick's hit it six times and then hold it

one two three four five six seven eight

I can't

Hansie one two three four five six hold

it in that number comes on and three

seconds later it's locked now I

accidentally did stuff and end up having

this lock come on and once this lock you

can't cancel you can't do anything it's

luck the same way I lock it accidentally

the same way you unlock it go to the

sandy rinse hit six times then hold it

three seconds and watch it count down

three seconds there you go one two three

four five six hold it three two one and

then it unlocks and then you're good

thank you very much if you have any more

problems leave some comments and let me

read about it later

but that's how you unlock the Kenmore

Elite mm 18 month