Unlock Index Layer in Photoshop | 2016 Tutorial

okay in this video I'm gonna be showing

you that how to unlock the layer that is

look when you have open their image from

that you have downloaded from internet

or somewhere else and so this video I'm

going to be showing you that how to

unlock the layers that are local by the

name index so it's pretty easy and cool

thing you how to go to your image and in

the image how to select the mode and

select the CMYK color what does it means

is that it will be unlocking the layer

and converting the layer as you can see

now press the O key button and as you

can see well layer is unlocker

by the way the ground

okay now layer is local and even we can

able to totally change or edit the photo

okay as you can see I hope you got the


thanks for watching have a nice date