Jitterbug smart2 Hard Reset Factory Reset with external keys

that's going to a factory set on this

Jitterbugs mark 2 and remove any memory

card or external external memory card to

save some file storage this one and this

process will remove any password pattern

or pin blocking the screen of your phone

and also remember that everything is

gonna delete on the phone's memory like

email addresses passwords contacts text

messages dumb low rate applications and

and so on

so with the phone power over you and I

use the volume up when the power key you

wanna press these two ones together and

as soon as their phone vibrates or did

Rebecca Pearce you now release only the

volume up to continue holding I'm sorry

only the power key above continue

holding volume up okay and when you see

a recovery menu appears on the screen

just release the volume up

okay gonna start volume up in power from

vibrates and the lower peers continue

hold your volume up okay just on this

point you wanna use the volume down to

highlight scroll in highlight wipe

data/factory reset' and press the power

key that's gonna be your enter okay and

second step just highlight yes the

little user data just to confirm that

everything is gonna be delete like I

said before okay and it is very very

important that you know your Google

account and password because after a

confirm factory reset you will have to

come to confirm Google and password in

order to proceed and get home screen so

just make sure that you know your email

associated with this phone and password

okay so then if you are ready just press

the power key to continue okay known

last step is reward system now is

automatically highlight so just press

your power

key to reboot reset or restart the phone

okay and here just so you know it's

gonna take some five to eight minutes so

be very very patient on this phone

because this is this one is kind of

special and also once you get to the

home screen will you will have to start

activation in activation it's gonna take

out some eight to ten minutes so yeah

just you already have your SIM card

activated you don't have to worry about

it but if you are just resetting this

phone and you don't want to actually

activate it on junior bucks mark to have

an account with it so that is my take

longer and sometimes even you have to

have you have to have a active SIM card

in order to get to the home screen okay

and this process also calculates a

motherboard in case that you experience

a lot of drop calls or different just

goes off then yeah this process is this

process will help you to calibrate my

world and help the phone to work

properly okay so so in this step is

going to take a song five minutes such

as just staring either be patient

in case they take longer than five

minutes just long press the power key

sone five to 15 seconds and then as soon

as the screen goes off just start over

again with the volume up key and power

key okay and as soon as the phone

vibrates just release the power button

but continue holding volume up and told

you get a recovery many with the blue

letters that you saw before and then

just follow the steps again like I said

because sometimes if you delete a lot of

information like web browsing

downloading applications and T like that

in you don't restart your phone so we

usually we have to restart a phone at

least five five times a month go in

orderly no it to anything that you need

delete on your phone has to basically

completely delete by restarting the

phone okay and if we fail to do that

that's why sometimes a motherboard Lee

doesn't work properly and like I said

you experienced drop calls or the phone

just go off or so that helps a lot such

as so you know it's a continue holding

until this step is gonna go like I said

it took I take a five minutes very well

okay so now because it's torture get

started okay now hit the next button

okay recommended use please choose a

home screen okay so just say the first

one and then optional Sarah

okay so we don't have any option to skip

so let's go and get set up your phone

with your new email addresses others or

get a new one or keep the same that you

already have so for now let's go and so

either way you need to have a data

objects assort is you have a y5 or you

have a octaves in card just go ahead and

insert it on this one

okay you go services a year so yes sure

to have everything on 4 so you can take

advantage of every single player routes

from Google as location accuracy Wi-Fi

updates for your phone and things like

that so let's go hit the next button


okay so nicknamed up for your phone in

case you lost your phone

and somebody else find it after many

attempts we will reconsider that your

phone has been compromised so they're

gonna have a variable I'm going to ask

that nickname with a funny and if they

fail to confirm nickname they won't be

able to get to homescreen and that means

that they won't be able to get Europe

ends personal information so it's very

very important that you said your

nickname for yours

safety protect your phone with a

lockscreen pattern pin password then

setup this now or you can just do it

later from settings such as for now skip

anyways you can add a second email

addresses on your phone or you can't

just set up this later okay so here's

the trigger T and here is actually a

screen what's going on here is you your

phone is detecting your SIM card with a

jitterbug company Oracle

network to the tower okay so

so if we already have active SIM card on

this phone beautiful late you just take

a few minutes and you'll be able to

complete setup you just follow the

promptings but if you are resetting your

phone and you don't want to use any sim

card on this one just you want to just

have it so I let's go in remove the SIM

card okay remove the SIM card there you


okay where you remove the SIM card and

it's going to take a few minutes also

the phone will detect that there is no

single of the phone and then we will let

us restart the phone again but you have

to see on the screen the option to to a

message saying that program programming

failed in another pattern say that

restart the phone will restart the

activation again and then we had to

actually restore again and they will

have to take another eight minutes or

ten minutes so just be patient okay once

the phone is finished restart we will

now get this message here okay so we

start over again the activation okay so

when they put the step of programming

finished you want to get this message

and with the SIM card out of the phone

just water heater restart

a program program it will start over

again but at this time when the

programming is finished

you wanna get to the home screen ok so

just right there now we are here on this

screen so now let's go and select no ok

and this how to get to the home screen

on this gearbox mark - great call

company and get me know you have any

questions and please subscribe to my

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other two tiny smartphone that you will

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