How to tell if your engine is locked. 2007 sea doo challenger 180 4-tec rotax supercharged

hey everybody she's gonna make a quick

video here to tell if you're I got a

2007 challenger c2 180

it's a supercharged for tech Rotax

engine here and to tell if your engine

is seized or not there's not really good

way to get on here and crank it and if

you don't want to tear your whole motor

down to see if it's actually seized or

not just a quick way you can take out

your spark plugs and take out your coils

right here just pop your coils off take

a little connector off here and all

three cylinders one two and three and

what I did I took a quarter inch drive

the screwdriver hook to an extension on

hooked a even longer extension on so

what I did here is you just set it down

on the cylinder and each one it's gonna

be a different height that one's right

there this one's a little deeper you

know because they're all sitting at

different angles this one's the highest

one up here so it didn't move that much

with it it moves so if you go on each

one of them here set that down in there

so it's just resting on top of the

cylinder head and what I did I took a

big vice grips and I removed the hose

that's here from the front of the

supercharger fan and it's just a couple

of hose clamps and loosened this grommet

up and slid it back and then there's a

little plastic piece I know he can't see

it very well that I lifted up right here

just it lifts up and then um I put this

vise grips on here so vise grips on here

nice and easy and so you don't hurt that

shaft or anything so you don't got to go

down and turn your actual blades and

stuff to under your boat so when you

turn this just gonna go back and forth

like here so mine isn't seized you can

see and you can see here

moves up and down alright if one's not

they all shouldn't be unless you got a

connecting rod or something like that

that's totally busted and it doesn't

move moving again up moving up and down

next one this one barely moves cuz it's

right at the top but it's moving that's

a quick way to see if it's seized or not

and if it is I've had a seized engine

like this before I just take some PV

blaster some penetrating oil and I put

it on you know put a little bit down

there to coat the top of the cylinder

see if you can break it loose the next

day put it in all three and leave it for

about 24 hours and then the next day you

can almost get this in here and push

down hard enough on one that's Midway

the one that's top dead center don't do

that one because that when you're not

gonna be able to press it hardly anyway

but um the other one you can give a good

press on or tap it with a hammer just

not to damage the top of the piston so

other than tearing everything apart I

mean not your typical method but this

works rather than tearing everything

apart it's pretty easy so hope you enjoy

good luck out there