hey y'all this is super dave and today

i'm going to be showing you how to get

your keys out of your vehicle if you

lock your keys in there

here i have my avalanche keys i'm going

to lock it

and look right here at the lock


i'm going to lock it now see the lock

right here

now i'm going to throw my keys inside

the truck

with it locked

now what i'm about to do this is a set

of auto jigglers

i'll put a link in the description


so you could buy them if you like

up here

and you're going to watch when i turn it

with this auto jiggler

and i should be able to unlock this in

less than 10

seconds here we go


you're going to jiggle it wiggle it

and turn it all at the same time


there we go i don't know that took 10


or less


unlocked unlocked throwing the keys in


video's not cut or anything you can see

exactly what i'm doing

you see the lock see the key here

jiggle it and turn it at the same time

like towards the left

in order to do this


first time


there we go open

okay i'm here in front of a f-150

i'm going to show you how to open the

lock with these auto jigglers

these are not keys or auto jigglers i'm

going to be showing you

how to open the lock with one of these

i'm gonna leave the window down so you

can see the lock

and i'm gonna unlock this door with auto


okay so here i am with this one here i'm

gonna stick it in the lock

and as you can see the door is locked

and i'm gonna open it

okay that easy

just like that it took about three

seconds okay i'm going to try it again

here we go stick in the auto jiggler

stick it down shake it

unlocked quick and easy

and this is on a f-150 here

all right now we're going to try to open

this ford taurus

with the auto jigglers and

sometimes these vehicles are hard you've

got to try several

different auto jigglers to

try and get in them

but if all else fails the fastest way

to get in to your vehicle

is to use this device here it's called a

center punch

you just put on the window and press it

will send a shockwave

through the whole glass and

the whole glass will shatter

just like that you got to be careful not

to cut yourself when you do that

okay now i can get in

now i don't suggest you do that you're

very careful because

you can get cut by the glass

all right here we go

and there it is that only took like what


five seconds let's try it again

okay stick the key in jiggle it

there we go this super dave here

today i'm going to be showing you how

to open a jeep if you lock your keys


or if you have no keys at all or have

you lost your key

you don't know where it is anyways i'm

going to show you how to open

the door first we're going to be trying

to use an

auto jiggler if you see we got to find

one that's close to the same shape of

the actual key and we're gonna try that

but if that doesn't work we're gonna

break out the old

slim jim and try it with that

so here we go come right over

the door is locked on this lock

you have to turn to the right to unlock

it so here we go with the auto ginger

let's see if we can be successful or not

with this

you're going to jiggle it and you're

going to turn to the right

at the same time putting pressure

clockwise while you're jiggling it to


to get it to unlock sometimes this can

take 30 seconds a minute or

and if you just can't do it

we're gonna break out the old slim jim

and we're gonna try it with that

this doesn't seem to be working that

well so let's go ahead and

break out the old slim jim now

on this here you're going to want to

insert it here

in between the window seal now we're

gonna bring it down

to where we see the lock cylinder

actually move a little bit that way

where no

we know that we're engaged close to the

lock cylinder

on just here on the left side inside the


now let's see if it's going to move yet

or not and we're going to find it

and we're going to actual pull up on it

when we get to the right spot

oh i haven't got the right spot yet kind

of kind of go

down between here

kind of at an angle i don't see it

moving yet when you see it moving

a little bit that means you have the

right spot

oh you're going to have to kind of play

with a little

let me straighten this out some get it

kind of straight there

gonna have to kind of go in between this


and this deal here there we go it's

going in between

okay you're gonna watch the lock and

it's moving back and forth

that means i got the right spot now i'm

gonna pull up on the door

on the on the slim jim

and it didn't open so we'll try again

see it's moving back and forth you got

to get this thing hooked on it

and it opened up now if you notice

it did not come all the way out but look

it did come out enough for us to open

the door we'll try one more time

so right here the very edge of the

window in between this hump

and the actual handle and we're going to

find that spot

see it right there

all right find it again

see okay there it's moving see you get a

close-up right here

see it moving back and forth

now we're gonna pull up

and it unlocked very easy

this here is a 2017 jeep wrangler

now the auto jiggler was not as easy

or did not work at all but the slim jim

worked excellent so

i'm going to be putting a link in the

description where you can either buy

the auto jiggler and the slim jim and

thanks for watching

like and subscribe and i'll see you all

on the next one