Trick to Unlock: 2003 Jeep Liberty (without a key)

what's up YouTube my name is Brian

Johnson owner and operator captain

lochley and today I will be showing you

guys how to unlock this 2003 jeep

liberty the only tools you're going to

need for this vehicle a cow is going to

be two airbags and a fish hook tool okay

so the first thing you're gonna want to

do is take your airbag and slide it into

the door jamb I like to start at the top

and just kind of slide it up and down

until it goes in the next thing you're

gonna do is begin pumping the airbag up

next you're going to want to take

another airbag and stick it at the top

of the door pump this one up as well

next you're going to want to take your

fish up tool and hook it on to the

manual lock right here you're gonna grab

it and just lift the tool up all right

now remove your tool deeply your airbags

open the door grab your keys and you're

good to go thank you for watching my

video on how to unlock this 2003 jeep

liberty if you have any questions please

leave them in the comments please be

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thanks for watching