📬🔑How to free a Stuck lock. Amazing result! Key won't turn in lock. Jammed key mailbox letterbox



here we go I've got a step walk on a

letterbox spray currently I'm putting

the key in putting it in the right way

but just I just went to it

it's just locked it's been a little bit

sticky goes in no worries but it just

won't turn that's just fixed in place so

what I'm gonna do is just give it a

little squirt of wd-40

because freeze sticky mechanisms loosens

rusted parts cleans and protects drives

that moisture stopped squeaks I'm saying

all this because padlock and I use wd-40

and it was talk of all you shouldn't do

it you shouldn't do it but I'll tell you

what it works brilliantly put that

another multiple locks now over a long

period of time and wd-40 is actually

really good that's freed up frees the

sticky mechanism is freed up the sticky

mechanism that's now open and I can all

grant it I'll spray a little bit of oil

onto my mail just there

that's actually amazing really really

freely so that's gone from getting

Jenelle working wonderfully