How to unlock a door from inside if door is jammed

Hey whats going on you guys I'm back here with another tutorial on how to unlock a door

from the inside if it is jammed so basically if you are inside a room and your door won't

open and its jammed or whatever.

I'm going to be showing you guys can unlock your door and get out.

so basically your going to need is a couple household common items is um basically a rope

or any sort of string item.

I have this little necklace bell thing it's kinda christmasy and yea basically your going

to take your paper clip and your going to bend it in a way that I honestly don't know

how to describe to you guys.

but, basically you need it to bend in a way that it will be able to fit in the door and

you will be able to pull it back out.

So yea.

Basically once you have that bent to the way you want it.

You don't have to do this you can just tie it around.

it might not fit through the um little thing in your door.

Umm I just looped this around so that I can stick the string into here.

So I'm taking my bell and I'm just going to do this.

Then I'm just going to bring this back over this way.


So now I'm...

So basically your going to stick it in here.

Pull it down.

And your doors unlocked.