Stuck Door from Knob Failure

well hello folks here we are again with

another teeny-tiny technical video from

nois LLC that is we I got up this

morning I went to open the door to let

the dogs out and the door didn't open so

here I've got two little dougie standing

there jumping around like flea on a hot

brick saying we need to go out we need

to go out and I couldn't get the door

open so at first I tried to push on it

because I thought maybe it was just

stuck but then finally at least two

brain cells kicked in and I said hey the

knobs turning actually said levered not

a dog the knobs turning but the door is

not unlatching so here's my little story

on now what took place and how I fixed

it okay yourself fix-it project I went

to open the back door and the only thing

that happened is the handle just turns

but it doesn't pull the latching pin

back so I can't get the mechanism to

pull back this thing with a couple

little skinny knives because this is one

of those that has a double pin it's got

a little front pin and then the main

just impossible the crack is so small

and you can't do this before if you have

to pull both of those pins back at the

same time or if you pull the little

my pen back in the house too so at this

point I've reached my limit I'm going to

tear this thing apart right here and see

if I can separate this just turns let me

show you how this works so that you know

go through all the same out of here all

I did was when it was in the door I just

reached through the hole because the

handles are out of course and I bent

this pin out and this pin out and not

let this these things release out of

here all these little pieces were inside

so when you pull this apart I can get

this apart it kind of falls apart this

is the part that actually pulls this

back you can see how it's all jimmied up

where I was trying to get it but those

little pins right there right there and

right there

engage with these pins right here and

you can see they're bent and so what was

happening was when I turned the handle

which turns these things right like this

it wasn't engaging they retract their

pins right here all right so it was

slipping over them because they had

gotten too bent I don't I don't know

that's the first time I've ever taken

one of these apart so I don't know if

this is a cheapy ginseng piece of junk

or if they're all built this way but if

you end up with the same kind of problem

where the handle just turns and it


again back to let you open the door

don't waste your time trying to Jimmy

this because they used to do this with

credit cards you could push a credit

card back behind this thing and it would

go back but now that they've got these

both of these spring-loaded things here

see this one has to be pulled back in

order to get this one to pull back it's

a complete waste of time so unless

you're a burglar or something I guess

and get trying to get in from the

outside take the handles off alright go

outside take a pair of pliers bend these

two things this whole mechanism comes

apart and then you can just pull this to

get the thing to retract so then you can

get it out of course unscrew these from

the door the whole thing comes out it's

really very simple I wasted about a half

an hour and gave myself a terrible

headache trying to Jimmy this with a

couple of these really skinny little

knives it's complete waste of time

well planning or not you gotta fix

things when they're broken if they're

causing you great deal of difficulty

which is certainly the case in this case

because you gotta be able to get in and

out of the back door wise you gotta walk

all the way around to the front of the

house not too cool especially when it's

raining and it's been raining out here a

lot so I went down at the local hardware

store and I got a new a quick set 35

bucks worth

and I examined it very carefully before

I purchased it and it's much better

engineered doesn't have the two little

isolated prongs that engage the little

bent fingers like the piece of junk I

took out of there so it's much better

much better

design that's better built I paid five

bucks to have the thing rekey so I could

use my existing home keys and put it in

it works great I guess you get what you

pay for I don't remember what I paid for

that little piece of junk but whatever

it was it wasn't worth it so if you get

stuck and you can't open your door maybe

you got a lock set that's uh kind of

gone south on you so now you know don't

get the cheapy kind look in the package

before you buy it