Fix jammed car door lock

okay so the left rear door lock on my

Toyota Corolla has been jammed for a

while now and I can't get the door open

it it's stuck so I can't pull up on it

to unlock the door and the the power

door lock switch doesn't work it either

so basically the door isn't functional

well I'm selling the Corolla now and I

thought well I better get this working

again so I did a search on on YouTube

for videos about stuck door locks broken

door locks jammed door locks and I came

up with a few and they showed how to

remove the panel of the door and open it

up and and check the switches and and

remove the malfunctioning parts and all

that the only problem is I can't get the

door lock open to open the door

so those videos weren't going to do it

so I tried pulling apart the panel from

inside which didn't really work because

it's just doorframe behind this fabric

panel here and so I thought well you

know who's I might as well just remove

the door handle panel so I took the

screw out like this and

screw out and remove the handle plate a

little bit tricky if to kind of pull it

forward at the same time you're pulling

the handle get it off of there and I

looked inside and I realized I could see

the door lock mechanism from here and so

I thought well you know I got nothing to

lose I might as well just try and try

and get it to move or unstick it or

figure out what's going on with it from

here because this is as far as I'm going

to get without taking the door off or

without removing the back seat in order

to get the door open so I got a hold of

this lever here and started moving it

back and forth and it was pretty stuck

in there and so I didn't really see that

that was going to do anything but I kept

trying it anyway and it connects to this

little round pivoting disc in there

which pushes up the door lock so I

figured well you know if I can get that

to move enough maybe I can just get the

damn door lock open so I spray some

wd-40 in there and I twisted it around

and I pushed it in and pulled it and I

finally got the thing to move and got it

to push up a little bit a little bit

more and I finally got the door lock

open so now with this thing moving again

I went in there and I cleaned it out a

little bit more until the action was

nice and smooth and then I could run the

power door lock and it would open and

close it and and unlock it and walk it

again and I got the door open and so now

the door is working

so I thought well it would have been

helpful to have been able to find a

video like that when I was looking

because that was the solution to my

problem instead of taking the door apart

taking the panel off and replacing a lot

of a lot of the apparatus in there and

really just needed to get moving again

so I thought this would be a good

shortcut to know in case your door lock

is jammed give this a try first just

remove the door handle panel go in there

see the mechanism grab hold of it try

and get it moving again and if you can

get the door lock that open that way

then you've saved yourself a lot of

trouble and expense especially if the

door lock is jammed so you can't get the

door open in the first place alright

that's it