iPod Nano hack/unlock

hey guys I have with me the iPhone I the

iPod fourth generation um nano and I

found a little hack on it it's almost

like unlocking it it's really easy to do

on your iPod you can have it connected

or not connected I'm just having to

charge my own set

I'm seventh charge one right now because

I just took out the drawer and I'll

start the pack in one sec why the raid

to disconnect okay so you can be anyone

I thought actually I'm in unplug it a

you me anywhere on iPod and press menu

and action at the same time that's

action that's menu so press and hold

them until your screen turns black and

then you slide the finger that was

holding the menu button down to the

rewind button don't do the fast-forward

button or the play button and then let

go and then you should be on this menu

where it has a bunch of words these are

just your settings

I guess the Genius Bar just needs these

but there's something in here or you can

adjust your backlight to save your

battery and you can go to color pattern

this isn't that useful way it's fun if

you need your iPod it's like a

flashlight or if you just want to show

people some cool colors so you press the

action button and have repress it it

just changes between these patterns and


so it's not that useful but if you're

like having a chill session and playing

music it's okay to do an almond to have

this screen you press sleep or you go

back to this menu you press sleep dead

sleep then you press menu again yeah so

call me right subscribe tell your