Oh YouTube it's just like you're back

with another video today I'm going to be

teaching you guys how to unlock an iPod

Touch 5th generation it only works on

the iPod Touch 5th generation it

literally you can get into it without

knowing the password it's amazing that

let's get right into it

ok so we're going to start with the iPod

out on the table and you're going to

turn it on it's locked

as you can see locked there's no way you

can get in without the password so

that's what you think so to start this

off we're going to start by sliding down

you want to make sure there's no

notification open your up any

notifications open this will not work

right swipe up you need to go to

pictures and you need to take a picture

need to take a picture took a picture go

in here you need to edit the picture and

if you don't do this none of it will

work right you need to go to fade and

you need to crop it so you want to crop

it up in the corner just like that if

you don't if you don't get this crop

right it's fine it's just you want to

try to get the best you can now you want

to go like this you want to delete that

picture you delete it you press home

it'll bring here you're still locked but

now you want to hold down Siri gonna tap

you want to press this

you want to go into messages swipe all

the way down to the bottom and then you

just want to find a tap if one too many

years press the home button okay there

we go

whoa it actually worked look at this now

we're in whoa-ho that's crazy then you

get better view oh dude

we're actually in it did you go in any

other apps the messages yo guys thank

you so much for watching this video

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this I can't believe it actually works

like I didn't think you could like get

in that simply so yeah I hope you guys

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