How To Unlock iPhone Xs | Xs Max - Forgotten PASSCODE Unlock - CARRIER Unlock (AT&T, T-mobile, etc)

Chester do know that we're gonna be able

to access your phone boom and the phone

has been fully unlocked what's up guys

Kristen here and welcome to nerve video

today I'm going to show you how to

unlock your iPhone 10s as you can see

here I just got this phone I also have

that phone Tenace max so this is a

bigger version but this method will work

for any of the of both versions so um it

is exactly the same procedure now there

are two types of locks if you want to

see it like that the first type is the

carrier unlock and the second one is the

passcode unlock the carrier and lock you

see if your phone is locked with a

specific carrier let's say you put your

phone with t-mobile and you want to

switch to AT&T or with any other carrier

I'm gonna show you how to unlock the

network so that you can use it freely

between carriers in any country now the

passcode lock is the security unlock of

the phone and that's for example if you

cannot access your phone because you

don't know the passcode or because your

face ID is not working I'm gonna show

you how to unlock your phone so that you

have back access to it if you're

interested only on the carrier and luck

please go ahead and skip to this minute

because that's where we start with a

carrier and luck first we're gonna start

with a passcode unlock alright so for

the passcode unlock make sure that your

phone is not locked to an iCloud account

because you will need access to that

account either the password or the email

and you're gonna have to get the access

in order to use your phone again also

keep in mind that all the information of

this phone is gonna be gone let's say

photos pictures contacts videos all that

is gonna be gone because all the

information is gonna be wiped the first

thing you have to do is to make sure

your phone is completely off then you

have to run iTunes on your computer so

just download it install it alright so

and then you have to enter recovery mode

to do this you're gonna have to press

and hold the volume down key the power

button and you're gonna connect your

phone to your computer at exactly the

same time so we're gonna press all three

things at the same time alright three

two one and keep holding and pressing it

until you see the connect to itunes logo

in the phone we're gonna see if we got

it at the first try sometimes it takes a

couple of tries if you didn't get it

just keep trying and keep trying until

you see this logo right here that means

that the phonons are successfully

recovery mode and then items will tell

you that you need to restore your phone

in or

to use it so that's what we're gonna do

okay so open iTunes and you're gonna get

a message and that says that your phone

needs to be restored all right so we're

gonna proceed just keep in mind that all

the information of this phone will be

deleted so if you have photos videos

contacts pictures all that it's gonna be

gone but sometimes if you're lucky

you're gonna be able to have a backup on

your computer so you're gonna be able to

access all your photos again so this may

take a while for me it took around 30

minutes so just be very patient and once

it's done you're gonna be able to use

your phone again it's gonna be restored

to factory settings right here you can

select if you want to restore from a

previous backup of the information that

you had saved in your computer but for

this example I'm just gonna select set

as new iPhone if you have an iCloud lock

you have to insert a password here if

you don't have that password the only

way you can get this password is by

contacting the original owner you can

also search on YouTube how to bypass the

iCloud lock but I'm not gonna get into

that because it's not the most ethical

thing to do so we just have to go

through the initial set up so after

doing all that we're gonna be able to

access your phone boom and the phone has

been fully unlocked and there you go

that's all you have to do and now the

phone is fully unlocked and you should

be able to use it without any problems

all right guys so now we're gonna talk

about a car unlock the parent lock is

probably the most important one because

if your phone is unlocked you can do so

much more things with it for example if

you travel a lot you can just go to any

country by a local SIM card put it in

your phone and your phone is gonna work

100% also if you want to switch between

AT&T to t-mobile or Telus or Verizon or

any carrier your phone is gonna be

compatible so just keep that in mind

that unlocking a phone it has a lot of

benefits now to unlock a phone you have

different methods first you can take

your phone to a local phone shop and you

have to leave your phone right there and

they might unlock it for you it takes a

couple of days and they might charge

between a hundred to three hundred

dollars depending on your phones brand

carrier model you can also do it through

your phone's carrier but sometimes they

don't like doing it especially if you

are still under an active contract but

I'm gonna show you the method that works

the best for me I have unlocked more

than 100 phones using this method I need

works perfectly it is not free so keep

that in mind but it's worth every penny

to help

fully factory unlocked all right so with

all that said let's begin the first

thing you have to do is to open your

phone's application just as if you were

gonna make a call and then you have to

get the phones I'm a number the phones

I'm a number is like the serial number

of your phone so keep it somewhere close

keep it confidential because it's very

important all right so to get the

phone's IMEI number we're gonna dial

star hash zero six hash as you will see

your 15 digit number will appear in the

screen of your phone now with this

number in hand we're gonna go to the

computer and we're gonna go to the

website unlockriver.com in this website

we're gonna request the remote unlocking

of this iPhone so first thing you have

to do is to select the original carrier

that your phone is currently locked to

that's the place where you bought it in

my case I bought my phone with t-mobile

then just like the brand of your phone

apple and then you're gonna select the

model as I said before this also works

for their iPhone 10s max the next step

is to write down your 15 digit IMEI

number that's the number we got a few

seconds ago the last step is to enter

your email so make sure you write it

down correctly and because you're gonna

receive an email notification once your

iPhone has been successfully unlocked

now if you scroll down you're gonna see

how much it will cost to unlock your

phone and how much time you will take to

unlock your phone now this will always

vary depending on your phones brand

carrier model and also the phone is very

new the prices are going to be really

high if the phone is quite all the

prices usually go down all right we're

gonna hit unlock now I don't know file

on page you're gonna see a summary of

your order don't check everything here

make sure it is 100% correct

but don't worry everything is safe and

as I said I have unlocked more than 100

phones using this method and it works

perfectly and we're gonna go down we're

gonna place the order and it's gonna

take a few seconds so I'm gonna be back

once I have placed my order completely

alright so after placing your order

successfully and you're gonna get this

page you're gonna get an email as soon

as your order has been processed and

completed and this may take like I said

before a couple of business days so just

keep that in mind you have to be very

patient you're gonna get a notification

in your email saying that your iPhone

has been successfully unlocked I'm gonna

show you how that will look

so we're gonna go to my personal email

account and as you can see here I got

an email from unlock River and it says

order update and it pretty much confirms

that my iPhone has been unlocked

successfully all right that's good news

and the last and final step that we have

to do is to activate the unlock so you

can do it via Wi-Fi or using iTunes just

for this example I'm going to use iTunes

because it's easier and it's very simple

to show alright so make sure you have a

SIM card inside your phone it can be

from any carrier your new one your old

one doesn't matter and then we're going

to use the USB cable to connect the

phone and once you connect it to iTunes

make sure you run in the latest version

of iTunes and you're gonna get a message

on iTunes saying that the phone has been

successfully factory unlocked and it is

as simple as that guys my phone is now

fully unlocked I can use it with any

carrier it feels so good to be fully

unlocked that's how you unlock an iPhone

10s if you have any questions please

leave them in a comment section down

below I will try to answer all of them

if you like drop this go check out my

channel my name is Christian thank you

for watching and I'll see you on the

next one