How to Unlock iPhone XR - PASSCODE & CARRIER UNLOCK (AT&T, T-mobile, Vodafone, etc).


what's the best cruising here and today

I'm going to show you how to unlock your

iPhone XR now there are two types of

locks first you have the passcode unlock

and then you have the car you're in luck

the passcode unlock you see we forgot

the code of your phone

the security code for example you don't

know they have four digit or the six

digit passcode I'm gonna show you how to

unlock or how to bypass the activation

screen or the security lock screen to be

able to use your phone back again and

then the car you're in luck you see if

your phone is currently locked first as

if it carrier let's say you got your

phone with AT&T and you want to switch

to an ER provider like t-mobile or

Vodafone or any other I'm gonna show you

how to unlock the network of your phone

to use it with any carrier it's super


now if you're interested only on the

carrier and lock please go ahead and

skip to this minute because that's where

we start with a car you unlock but first

we're gonna start with a passcode unlock

I'm gonna show you how to do it alright

so let's start alright so - not a

passcode of your phone there are a few

things that I need to mention before we

start with this process number one thing

is that all the information about this

phone is going to be deleted so pictures

contacts notes photos all the

information of this phone is going to be

completely deleted because we're gonna

do a factory reset and the second thing

make sure that your phone is not locked

with an iCloud account because if your

phone has an iCloud lock you will not be

able to lock it and your phone is gonna

be always locked alright so the first

thing that we have to do is to turn off

the iPhone so we're gonna press on a

hold to power of the iPhone I'm gonna

slide to power off and make sure you

have iTunes running on your computer

make sure you have the latest version of

iTunes installed you can download it

from apple.com and just install it on

your computer it can be Windows from

back alright so now we have to enter

recovery mode in this iPhone to do this

you have to do three things

press and hold the power key press and

hold the volume down key and connect

your iPhone to your computer using the

USB cable so that's what we're gonna do

press it and keep holding it until you

see the connect to itunes logo three two

one okay so we're gonna just wait a

couple of seconds it's probably gonna

take 10 seconds so don't let go just

keep pressing those

and if you did it successfully you're

gonna see a connect to itunes logo on

the screen of your iPhone it may take a

couple of attempts but once you just get

it correctly you're gonna see the logo

this logo right here

perfect that's that means that the phone

was entered recovery mode successfully

and now we need to switch the computer

so if you did it correctly you're gonna

get a message from iTunes saying that

your phone has been detected as a

recovery mode or there's a problem so

we're gonna hit restore and restore it

and the iPhone is gonna wiped everything

completely how the information is going

to be deleted so iTunes is gonna

download the new software and it's gonna

install it into your iPhone and this may

take a while up to one hour maybe so I'm

gonna come back once my iPhone has been

fully restored so when the process is

completed your phone is going to be

fully restored to factory settings and

you're gonna be able to use it back

again so after all that you're just

gonna swipe up and boom your phone will

be pulling a lot and now you will be

able to use it back again and this

iPhone has been fully unlocked alright

guys so now we're gonna start with a

courier unlock it's gonna be useful if

you want to switch providers and use

your phone with any other SIM card any

other carrier in any country so it's

gonna be compatible worldwide so this is

by far my the best way to unlock your

phone I'm gonna show you how to do it

step-by-step but before I start I have

to mention a couple of things first

stolen phones or blacklisted phones

cannot be unlocked so your phone must be

clean and it shouldn't have any report

or anything like that also keep in mind

that I'm looking at cell phone it's not

free but it's worth every penny because

after you've unlocked your cell phone

you're gonna be able to use it with any

carrier in any country now this will

work regardless if your phone is still

on your contract or out of contract it

doesn't really matter I have unlocked

more than 100 iPhones using this method

and it works almost every time so it has

like 100 percent success rate without

further ado let's start so we're gonna

start by getting the phone's IMEI number

simply open the dialpad

and type star hash zero six hash as you

will see your IMEI number will appear in

the screen of your phone so we're gonna

use this number in a few seconds to

these iPhone so keep it somewhere close

okay so now we're gonna switch it to

computer alright guys so now we're gonna

go to the website unlockriver.com in

this website we will request the remote

unlocking of this iPhone so we just have

to fill in the information about the

iPhone we're trying to unlock right here

so we're gonna start by selecting the

original carrier that your phone is

currently locked to my phone is

originally from AT&T United States

select the place where you bought it or

the original carrier then select the

brand I'm gonna select Apple and then

select the model this method will work

for any other model in this case I'm

gonna be unlocking an iPhone XR and then

you have to insert your IMEI number this

is the most important part make sure it

is 100% correct if there's a mistake

with the MEI number this method will not

work scroll down and then enter your

email where you want to receive your

unlock code I'm just gonna write it down

here if you scroll down you will see the

price to unlock your iPhone and the

delivery time that's the waiting time in

other words and the price and the

delivery time will always vary depending

on your phones brand carrier and model

the newer the phone in general the more

expensive it is so just keep that in

mind I'm gonna hit unlock now and the

following screen you're gonna see a

summary of your order just double check

everything try to read all all the

information that you can see here so

don't worry everything is 100% safe as I

said before I have unlocked more than

100 phones using this method so it works

perfectly I'm gonna scroll down and I'm

gonna place my order and I'm gonna be

back once my order has been completed

alright so after placing your order

you're gonna see a screen just like this

you pretty much tells you that you have

to wait and the order is now processing

so you're gonna have to wait for an

email and it may take between 1 to 10

business days in this case but in your

case it might be a little bit different

so just keep that in mind after waiting

that amount of time I'm gonna show you

the email that you will receive this is

the email that I got I'm gonna go to my

personal email account and as you can

see here I got an email from unlock

River that says that my iPhone has been

successfully unlocked so I'm just gonna

open it and it says your iPhone has been

successfully unlocked now we need to

activate the unlock so there are two

methods the Wi-Fi map

or the items method I'm gonna use the

iTunes method I just for this example

because it's really simple

basically we chose into an API phone to

the computer all right so the final step

is to insert a SIM card from your new

carrier so I'm just gonna go ahead

remove the SIM card tray and I'm gonna

use my t-mobile SIM card so I'm gonna be

using an AT&T iPhone on a on a t-mobile

SIM card so music now go ahead insert it

right here and now we need to connect

the iPhone to their computer using the

USB cable so let's go ahead connect it

and we're gonna launch i-tunes

so there you have it guys my iPhone has

been fully factory unlocked and now we

have it ready to be used with any

carrier so you can see here I have a

full bar and my phone is now working

with t-mobile as you can see here and it

is not fully unlocked and that's it guys

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